Edgar and His Destined Wife Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Treat Her Invisible

“Do you think Andy if giving away Royden Group’s information?”

Nathan came back to his senses and took a deep breath. He slapped hard onto his thigh, “Do you think so? Although he is quite arrogant, he has worked hard for Royden Group together with you till today. Would he really let his own hard work go to waste?”

Edgar was silent. He suspected Andy had done more than this. “If it really was him, you must be more careful.” Nathan frowned. Royden Group has expanded fiercely over the years. Many were waiting for Edgar to make the wrong move.

At this moment, if he really made a wrong move, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“That Mr. Martin you found is very capable.” Edgar put down the documents in his hands and spoke slowly, “I want him to do something else for me.”


“Procedures for my marriage.” Nathan was completely dumbfounded. “Have you really decided to take Gigi’s hand in marriage?”

Edgar did not answer him. He merely told Miles to get his identification documents ready, then he put on his coat. “I’m going to the Reece’s to settle everything once and for all.”

Jean was right. He should not be irresponsible. He will return what he owed her, and lastly, give her back her freedom.

Nathan frowned as he watched Edgar leaving. “Something is wrong.”

Jean did not have the money to hire a helper, so she took a broom and a piece of cloth and started cleaning the whole villa.

It was exhaustive work, and she sweated profusely.

It was past nine at night when she finally felt hungry.

Although she was too tired to stand up, there was no furniture at home. She could only sit on the floor of the living room. Yet, the smile on her face was so relaxed and happy.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back.”

She simply threw a few pieces of her clothing together to make a makeshift pillow, then slept on the floor for the night.

Perhaps it was out of exhaustion or because she was back in a place she was familiar with, she slept extremely well that night.

The reminder from her phone calendar sounded. Today was the first day Royden Group and Eyer Group would evaluate the success rate of their cooperation.

After refreshing herself, Jean changed into formal wear and headed to Royden Group.

She was alone without support.

But this time, the bodyguards at Royden Group did not stop her. The receptionist even came out to welcome her. “Ms. Eyer, please come in.”

Jane nodded lightly. Just as she was about to go in, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her.

“Look! Isn’t this Mr. Royden’s ex-wife?” Tyler Sans checked Jean out from head to toe and snickered, “I heard you were clinging to the grandchild of the Knox family. Why are you still dressed up so shabbily?”

Jean frowned. “You still speak so rudely. It seems you have not taken enough beating.”

“You…” Tyler pointed his finger and glared at her angrily. “I’m too lazy to argue with you. I’m here today to discuss with Royden Group about a huge business!”

He had ten assistant secretaries following him. Compared to Jean, he was of a completely different level.

“Get to your own senses. Scram out of here.”

“You are only here because of that pretty little face of yours. How dare you block my way?”

Jean did not budge. She took a deep breath.

Royden Group’s employees also felt that Tyler was too mean with his words. They wanted to comfort Jean.

But then they realized that Jean had already recollected herself. She smiled and asked, “Is the collaboration between Sans Group and Royden Group going well? I heard from the news that it is an AI project.”

“Ah, yes!” The Royden Group’s employee did not expect Jean to be so intelligent emotionally.

She quickly pressed onto the elevator button. “Mr. Shaw is in charge of the project. We are ready to launch it onto the market. We just have to wait for the court to reply to us.”

“The court?”

The employee explained under Jean’s probing. “We have enough evidence in hand that Sans Group had made the initiative to start this collaboration.”

The more Jean thought about this, the more she felt like it was not just a simple collaboration.

Tyler’s joyful look did not resemble a person who was about to apologize for having stolen something.

They had cheated and stolen Royden Group’s data, then publicized it to force Royden Group to work with them.

Royden Group had no choice but to work with them so that they could retrieve the expenses they had invested in the project.

“It isn’t a secret anymore. The news has already spread across the company.”

The employee brought Jean to the conference room door. “After Mr. Royden and Mr. Gary comes, the people from the project department will show you the way.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Jean was still thinking about the collaboration between Sans Group and Royden Group.

Edgar was a smart person. He wouldn’t be deceived easily, unless…

Just as she was still thinking, she saw a group of people walking toward her. Edgar was leading them. He had an absolute presence, making the people beside him indiscernible.

His dark eyes swept across her face.

His gaze did not stop at all. He walked straight past her, pushed the door open and entered the conference room.

Then, the employees of Royden Group passed by her.

Jean felt a cold gust of wind blow past her. Before she could regain her senses, a pile of documents was cramped into her arms.

“Ms. Eyer, we will hold the meeting first. After that, we will have a site visit.”

“Okay, great.”

Even though Jean was mentally prepared and had learnt a lot all during this time, she still felt pressured, sitting in the same conference room with Edgar.

“What is the problem? Why was it postponed seven days?”

“There isn’t any problem. Submit it for third party authorization.”


He spoke straight to the point, without any mistakes.

After fifteen minutes, he was done confirming everything.

“Ms. Eyer, your car is already waiting at the company’s entrance.” Miles stepped forward and spoke. “The journey will take approximately one hour.”

Edgar did not say anything. He merely got up and went out.

He ignored Jean during the whole journey. It was as if she was invisible to him. Miles was surprised too, but he did not ask anything.

Before they set out, Jean was arranged to sit in the same car with the project department’s Mr. Gary and another employee.

“Mr. Royden, we are ready to go.”

The man looked out of his car window. After he saw her shadow entering the last car, he ordered, “Let’s go.”

Their plan was for the journey to take an hour, but because there were road repair works on the way to West City District, they had to take a longer route, which caused them to get stuck in a traffic congestion on the viaduct.

The sound of car honking was heard all the way.

“Mr. Royden, Mr. Gary’s car is stuck at the fork at the back, so they can only get off the viaduct and use the provincial highway.” Miles reported to Edgar right away.

The man who was initially resting at the back with his eyes closed, slowly opened his eyes.

Jean was in that car too.

“Is it safe?”

Miles was stunned for a bit. Then he answered immediately, “There shouldn’t be any problem…”


The man’s voice was deep.

Two thirds of the West City District was under construction works, so if they used the provincial highway, they would definitely pass by some houses and buildings that have not yet been demolished.

“Turn to the provincial highway at the next junction.”

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