Divorce Anxiety Chapter 398

Chapter 398 I Knew You Liked Me

Calvin led Wynnie out of Hyatt Hotel.

She grabbed onto him to rest. “Calvin, I…”

Calvin reached out his hand and brushed it across her pink lips. With a smile, he said, “I didn’t say all that for the sake of my own pride. Wynn, I’ve known you like me for a while now.”

“You’re not upset?” She stared at him.

“You’re already married to me. What is there to be upset about? Darling, don’t fret about this. Just remember that even if you turned into a villain, I would still love you.”

Wynnie laughed.

She tiptoed, hooked her arms around his neck, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Calvin, I love you so much! Thank you for loving me all these years,” she said sweetly.

“You fool. Why do you need to thank me for loving you?” He wrapped his arms around her. “We’re husband and wife. That means we stick together through thick and thin. I don’t love you because I want you to thank me. One day, we will both grow old. As long as I have you beside me, I know I’ll be fine.”

Wynnie was touched. “Calvin, you’re amazing. How come your son never took after you?”

Calvin was speechless.

“Can you not bring up that disappointment?” he asked in frustration.

Wynnie chuckled. “Okay. Let’s not talk about that anymore.”

“Come on. Let’s go home,” said Calvin with a smile.

“Carry me,” she pleaded.

Calvin’s thin lips curved upward as he carried Wynnie to the car.

At this moment, Hannah Tate came walking out of Hyatt Hotel with a gloomy expression on her face.

Kelly was following behind with her head lowered.

They both watched Calvin carry Wynnie into the car and go off happily.

Hannah clenched her fists as jealousy and admiration flashed through her eyes.

Kelly frowned lightly. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Hannah was not in a good mood. “Call Leonard right now. I need to ask him what he plans to do!”

“Mom, I already told you he and I are over.” Kelly was getting a headache.

Hannah turned around and asked coldly, “Is Felicia his daughter or not?”

Kelly was stunned.

Seeing that, Hannah narrowed her eyes.

It was a rhetorical question. The child was definitely his.

That night, at the hospital, Kathleen did her rounds, and eventually, she reached Samuel’s ward.

He was busy looking at his laptop.

She went over and closed it shut. Tensing her beautiful face, she said, “Mr. Macari, do I have to set a bedtime for you?”

Samuel curled his thin lips. “If they offer those services here, then sure.”

“You must not want your hands anymore. Why don’t I chop them off for you?” Kathleen glared at him.

Samuel leaned back slightly, then laid down.

Coolly, she stated, “Samuel, I have to tell you that getting adequate sleep will help your injuries recover faster.”

Samuel nodded.

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Go to bed then.”

“Are you leaving?” He grabbed her hand.

“I’m working the night shift,” she replied.

“Oh.” Samuel still hadn’t let go of her hand. “Don’t work too hard.”

Kathleen laughed. “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be having such a hard time, and I mean that in multiple ways.”

Samuel could hear the complaint in her tone. “I’ll listen to you from now on.”

“We’ll see. If you don’t, then this will be it for you. I won’t be giving you any more chances,” she said firmly.

“Does that mean you’re willing to give me a chance?” Samuel’s dark eyes lit up.

“Let go of my hand. I have work to do.” She frowned.

However, he responded by tightening his grip. “Kate, are you really willing to give me another chance?”

“You’re such a nag!” Kathleen pulled out her arm and barked, “Go to sleep!”

“Okay.” Samuel nodded.

Kathleen turned off the lights in his ward. Before leaving, she turned on the small night light by the bed.

Samuel was very emotional. It was unlikely he was going to be able to fall asleep that night.

This feeling was akin to the very first time he ever fell in love. He was very nervous.

This time, he had to do well in order to win Kathleen’s heart back.

Kathleen came out of Samuel’s ward.

At this moment, she saw that Zion’s ward still had the lights on.

She walked over, and as expected, Zion was still awake.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” She stood in front of him.

Upon hearing her voice, he slowly turned over. “I heard Samuel got hurt when he rescued you.”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “We suspect that your mother is the one behind it. Probably because I refused to let her take you away.”

“I’m sorry.” Zion stared at her guiltily. “If you feel like it’s too much trouble, you don’t have to help me. Just let me die.”

Kathleen strode over and put the patient files in her hand on top of his head. “I saved your life. Don’t you feel bad saying stuff like that to me?”

Zion pouted. “But…”

“If you truly feel bad, then you should understand who you should be pouring your gratitude to from now on. Study hard so you can repay him.”

“Of course, I will. I just…” Zion’s expression was solemn.

“Look here, kid. Why do you have so many problems?” Kathleen furrowed her brows. “Even if the sky falls, we’ll be here to hold it up for you.”

Zion scoffed. “You’re not that tall.”

“Hey, I’m one hundred and sixty-five centimeters tall!” Kathleen retorted.

“When I grow up, I’m sure I’ll surpass you,” said Zion teasingly.

Kathleen was furious. “If you keep sleeping late, you won’t be able to grow tall!”

“You know, having a bad temper makes it easier for you to get wrinkles,” he reminded.

Kathleen was speechless.


She turned off the lights and left.

Zion didn’t say a word.

As he lay down in bed, he wore a smile on his face.

Kathleen had given him another chance in life.

He would forever be indebted to her.

At five thirty o’clock in the morning.

Kathleen yawned as she walked out of her office. She headed to buy a cup of coffee.

At this moment, Gemma came running over. “Kate, come quick! It’s Madeline!”

All of the drowsiness immediately left Kathleen as she followed Gemma to the emergency room.

Madeline was lying on a hospital bed, covered in blood.

“What happened?” Kathleen asked as she put on her gloves.

“She got hurt while trying to save another child,” explained one of the nurses.

Kathleen looked at Gemma. “Go call Federick.”

“Got it!” Gemma turned around and rushed out.

With no time to waste, Kathleen started to carry out emergency treatment on Madeline.

The blood on her body was from the injuries on her arm and legs, but those wounds were no big deal. What mattered was her head.

Her head was injured.

Kathleen finished up the emergency treatment, but Madeline was still unconscious.

Perhaps she needed more time.

“Dr. Johnson, over here!” shouted one doctor.

Kathleen handed Madeline over to another nurse now that her condition had stabilized. “Remember to take her to do a CT scan of her brain.”

“Will do!” The nurse nodded.

Kathleen went over to the doctor that had called her. On the bed was a girl that was roughly five years old. Her age was similar to Desiree’s.

“What’s going on?” Kathleen furrowed her brows.

“This is the girl that Madeline saved. We noticed that there’s something wrong with her blood,” explained the doctor.

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