Divorce Anxiety Chapter 396

Chapter 396 I Will Kill That Bastard

Samuel shot the doctor a sharp glare.

The doctor pursed his lips.

Kathleen stood at the side with her arms crossed. “Stop glaring at him, would you? Samuel, I’m a doctor too. Did you really think I wouldn’t know?”

Samuel remained silent.

“Besides, a doctor is someone who saves your life! You’d better watch how you treat him!” she reprimanded.

Samuel instantly became obedient.

The doctor looked awkwardly at her. As expected, only she can tame him.

She was angry. “Doctor, please make arrangements for his ward. I’ll follow up with his treatment myself.”

Naturally, the doctor was happy about that.

Since Samuel wouldn’t listen to anyone but Kathleen, the doctor felt relieved that Kathleen wanted to take over Samuel’s treatments.

“Okay.” With that, the doctor passed all the information that he had to her.

She looked at Samuel sternly. “Come to the ward with me!”

He stood up and followed her.

Meanwhile, Tyson was watching over Eilam and Desiree outside the consultation room.

Samuel said, “Tyson, send them back to the Macari residence first. Have my parents take care of them.”

Tyson nodded. “All right.”

Kathleen hesitated for a while. “Tyson, your wife isn’t feeling well, right?”

Tyson nodded. “Yeah. Luckily Mr. Macari let me go home and take a look at her yesterday, or else she wouldn’t go to the hospital.”

Kathleen shot Samuel a glance. “That’s great. If your wife still needs anything that the doctors can’t solve, you can come to me for help.”

Tyson nodded. “Okay. Thank you, Ms. Johnson.”

“You’re welcome.” Kathleen turned and left.

Samuel looked at Tyson with a satisfied look before he followed her.

Eilam crossed his arms. “All of a sudden, I feel that Daddy’s a big simp.”

Desiree wasn’t happy to hear that. “Eil, how can you say that? But it’s true that Daddy’s a simp when it comes to Mommy.”

Tyson was bemused. “How can you say that about your own daddy? Well, I must say that I agree with you, though.”

Eilam and Desiree looked at him awkwardly.

“Come on. Let’s send you home.” With that, he took them away.

Meanwhile, Kathleen led Samuel to a VIP ward.

After they arrived at the VIP ward, she tossed a hospital gown to him. “Put it on.”

He smiled. “Dr. Johnson, can you be more gentle toward a patient?”

Kathleen snorted. “Of course. I’m always gentle to obedient patients.”

Samuel laughed in exasperation. “I really didn’t do it on purpose. Tyson said so himself that his wife is really sick. Who would use his own wife as a joke for no reason?”

She snorted, “You’d better call him and ask him to bring some daily necessities over.”

He stood in front of her. “Don’t worry. Even if I didn’t say anything, he’d bring them. Dr. Johnson, please help me change into the hospital gown.”

Kathleen frowned deeply.

Samuel smiled. “Sorry for the trouble.”

“If it isn’t because you have a full body checkup later, I’d definitely ignore you,” she grumbled angrily.

He continued to smile without saying anything.

Oh, you won’t ignore me. You get soft-hearted easily.

That was how she was. It had nothing to do with her losing her memory or not.

After putting her things down, she helped him change into the hospital gown.

Whatever she had helped put on earlier was taken off by her.

After helping him change into the hospital gown, she asked him to wait while she made arrangements for his full body checkup.

Samuel sat on the hospital bed, smiling. Although it was a big price to pay, at least she was talking to him.

Meanwhile, Tyson arrived at the Macari residence with Eilam and Desiree.

Wynnie asked curiously, “Tyson, where’s Samuel?”

It had been days since she last saw Samuel, so she only heard about the latter’s injuries not too long ago.

She frowned. “I heard that Samuel’s injured. Is he okay?”

“Ms. Staines, Mr. Macari is in the hospital now,” Tyson explained.

She continued to frown. “Is it that serious?”

“Umm…” He didn’t know how to explain.

It’s true that Mr. Macari’s injuries are serious, but he told me not to tell his family.

Seeing his hesitation, Wynnie thought of something else. “Is Kate treating him?”

Tyson nodded.

She snorted. “He’s really something. Now, he’s even acting pitiful.”

“Ms. Staines, if acting pitiful is useful, he wouldn’t have waited until now to use it,” Tyson said awkwardly.

“Listen. That act works every time, especially with a soft-hearted person like Kathleen. Eil and Desi, you’d better not become like your parents, okay?” Wynnie lowered her head to look at the two kids.

Eilam shrugged his shoulders. “Grandma, I won’t.”

“Yeah!” Desiree shrugged as well.

Wynnie laughed lightly. “Okay. Let’s get inside.”

“Ms. Staines, I have to pack some items for Mr. Macari, so I’ll take my leave first,” Tyson said.

Wynnie nodded. “Okay. Go on.”

With that, Tyson left.

Right when Wynnie wanted to see what the two kids were doing, her phone rang unexpectedly.

It was an unknown number.

However, not many people knew her number.

After a moment of hesitation, she finally answered the call.

“Wynnie, is that you?” An icy voice of a woman sounded from the phone.

Wynnie frowned. “Who are you?”

The woman on the phone replied, “It’s Hannah.”

Wynnie’s expression darkened instantly. “Why are you calling me?”

“Wynnie, it’s been a long time since we last met. Don’t you want to see me?” Hannah Tate asked with a half-smile.

Wynnie felt disgusted. “No. I don’t want to. I really regretted helping you before!”

“Oh, come on. We’re classmates. I’m in Lightspring now. Besides, do you know who my husband is?” Hannah chuckled softly.

“I don’t care. Stop bothering me!” Wynnie snapped coldly.

“My husband is Shane Hoover. Besides, you know what your daughter-in-law Kathleen’s relationship with me is, don’t you?”

Wynnie asked coldly, “What do you mean?”

“Wynnie, the Hoover family has ill intentions toward your grandson and granddaughter. Don’t you wish to protect them? I’ll be waiting at Hyatt Hotel for you.” Hannah chuckled before she hung up.

Wynnie’s expression darkened.

That Hannah! I can’t believe she still dares to come to me again after so many years!

Back then, Hannah and Elena disgusted everyone in Jadeborough.

However, Wynnie wanted to know what Hannah meant.

After contemplating, she decided to meet her.

At Hyatt Hotel, Kelly was looking at Hannah exasperatedly.

“Mom, who did you call?”

Hannah put her phone down. “Since Leonard has dumped you, I have to find you a man to get married to, don’t I?”

Kelly was speechless. “Mom, I told you. I’m not going to get married.”

“Kelly, this isn’t up to you. If word about you giving birth to an illegitimate child gets out, you’ll lose your right to the inheritance! Therefore, I have to do something before that happens!” Hannah had a sharp look in her eyes.

“Mom, are you doing it for me or yourself? You know how chaotic Uncle’s family is. You’re afraid that Dad won’t be able to get anything from the inheritance because he’s weak, so you’re using me, right?” Kelly asked as she bit her lip.

Hannah asked coldly, “What do you mean by that?”

“Mom, if what you’re doing is really for my benefit, you wouldn’t find anyone from the Sullivan family! Anyway, I’m not going to marry anyone!” she snapped.

Hannah’s gaze was cold. “Listen! You’ll get married to Samuel, and you’ll do as I say! Or else, I’ll kill that bastard!”

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