Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 954

Chapter 954 Trash Should Stay Where It Belongs

It looks like this lady is starting to show me her backbone. This is bad. “Well, you have a point there, but you should know how highly your uncle thinks of me. I can’t say no to him if he wants me to take over the company and run it, can’t I?”

Gale tried to regain Narissa’s trust and talk his way out. He was trying to create an illusion in which the situation was so desperate that he was forced to accept the offer because there wasn’t any other choice.

“As long as it’s fair and square, I have no objection to it,” Narissa expressed her opinion. “I knew you would stand by my side.” Gale sounded satisfied with the lady’s answer.

“You and I go way back, and I’d hate having to doubt your intention behind every move you make, so please don’t let me down.” Narissa chose to believe their years of friendship. Though she had not forgotten about Jamie’s warning, she knew how ambitious Gale was.

However, she justified Gale’s ambitiousness by deeming it a common quality every businessman possessed. After all, even her wealthy father was smart enough to count on her marriage to consolidate his power and status. Therefore, she didn’t think there’d be anything wrong as long as Gale played his game fairly.

“Of course. When have I ever let you down?” Gale promised Narissa to behave himself with a smile. Then, he changed the subject and asked, “By the way, are you coming with me to the office? Or would you like me to take you home first?”

“There’s no need for that.” Narissa wanted to be left alone. “Please attend to whatever business you need to take care of. I’ll just stroll around this place by myself.”

“Alright then, stay safe.”

Meanwhile, Elise was busying herself in the kitchen at Griffith Manor. When she heard the doorbell, she went straight to answer the door with her apron on before she was greeted by a flower bouquet right in front of her.

“Greetings, ma’am. Here are the flowers that you ordered. Please sign your name right here.” As soon as she made sense of what was going on, she signed her name with the delivery man’s help and took the flowers inside just when Alexander came downstairs.

Thinking the flowers were from Alexander, Elise took a sniff and reacted with a satisfied look on her face. “Oh, come on, dear. You didn’t have to spend your money on all this fancy stuff. We’ve been married for so long that you and I are way past that, after all.” Despite her words, Elise couldn’t hide the smile on her face; no matter what age, any woman’s heart would melt at the sight of such beautiful flowers.

On the other hand, Alexander was seen with his mouth wide agape, but just when he was about to explain, a silhouette walked past him. “I ordered the flowers. I’m sorry, Elise.” Danny seemed helpless as he took the flowers from Elise’s hands.

“No worries.” Elise pursed her lips. “It seems like a beautiful mistake.”

“Daddy, ever since I was born, I don’t think I’ve seen you give Mommy flowers before.” Irvin stood upstairs and pulled his parents’ leg. “But I guess there is no harm done if I don’t compare you guys to anyone.”

Elise laughed it off and stood up for Alexander. “Your daddy used to give me flowers pretty often, so don’t judge his love for me.”

“I see. It seems like Daddy just decided he could leave you aside after he won your heart over.”

“Damn it, you brat! Can’t you just shut your mouth up?!” Alexander gritted his teeth angrily.

“You don’t care much about your wife, and now you’re trying to stop me from exposing you? Where is your sense of honor?”

Haha! Every word from this boy stings. No wonder he is Alexander’s son. “It looks like you’ve gotten yourself a challenge.” Elise smiled at Alexander.

“This can’t be. I know this isn’t real.” Alexander denied his son’s accusation, thinking Elise was the matriarch of the family, which made him the patriarch who ran the house. Suddenly, he heard his phone ringing in the study and headed over there to answer it, successfully getting himself out of trouble at that moment. When he walked past the corridor, he lectured Irvin, whereupon the silence upstairs was filled with screams and cries.

Although Elise was amused by the hilarious interaction between the father and son, she turned her attention to Danny when she saw him still holding the flowers. “I bet they’re for Miss Whitney, right?”

“Yeah.” Danny, who still seemed preoccupied, let out a sigh and added, “I even prepared her favorite garage kit and snacks. Besides, I also told Brendan to design a few sets of clothes for her, but he has yet to come up with a draft. Anyway, do you think she is going to be happy with it?”

While Elise didn’t feel anything after hearing Irvin’s sarcastic remark about Alexander earlier, for some reason, Danny’s words made her feel a stab of pain on the inside. I guess I’m getting old. Indeed, flowers and romance belong to young people.

“I’m touched just by hearing your plan, so I think Miss Whitney is going to feel the same way, but…” Elise swallowed her words.

“But what?” Danny opened his eyes and stared at Elise.

“Well, both of you just separated not long ago, but now that you’re treating her differently, it’s pretty hard not to think that something went wrong. Have you ever thought about what you should say if Miss Whitney asks you why you’re doing all of this for her?”

Elise wasn’t trying to discourage Danny. Instead, her experience told her that when a man treated a woman differently all of a sudden, it was usually because the man had done something wrong, and that was a common phenomenon in modern society.

Therefore, Elise believed it wouldn’t be hard for a smart lady like Ariel to figure that out. After hearing her words, Danny reacted with a stern look on his face as he kept his head down and contemplated for a while. Then, he carried the flowers in his arms and walked out the door right away.

“Where are you going?” When Elise’s response was not met with a reply, she returned to the kitchen and continued her work there.

As soon as Danny arrived at the main entrance, he ran into Clara, who was about to knock on the door. “How did you know I was coming to see you, Dan Dan? Maybe that’s because you and I can sense each other’s presence even from a distance.” Clara leaned against the doorframe seductively, trying to charm Danny with her alluring eyes.

Seeing the flowers in the man’s hands, Clara smiled even brighter. “Are these flowers for me? Oh, they look gorgeous! I love them so much…” She opened her arms, ready to receive the flowers, but Danny immediately got out of the way and circled her to the opposite side of the road, ignoring the woman.

“What are you doing, Dan Dan?” Clara pouted and repeatedly stomped on the ground with her feet.

“Trash should stay where it belongs—in the trash can.” Danny put his words in an ambiguously sarcastic manner.

“That’s interesting.” She chose to ignore the meaning behind Danny’s words and flashed a set of keys that she took out of her purse. “I just bought a yacht, so why don’t the two of us take it out for a spin? I’m sure it’s going to be fun to make love on the sea.”

“The fact that you were knocked out the last time was a warning, so stop pestering me like an annoying bug, or I can’t guarantee your safety!” he responded with a cold grunt.

Clara, who was pissed off by the man’s words, immediately walked closer and refuted him, saying, “Hmph! In that case, I dare you to kill me! Just do it! What are you waiting for?! Just do it! If you ever lay a finger on me, I’ll make sure the whole world hears about the story between the two of us. By then, I’ll see how your fiancée deals with you.”

“You!” Danny was so furious that he couldn’t think of a word to reply. “You’re a goddamn shrew!” he bellowed at the lady angrily, thinking there was no other better word to describe her.

Why won’t this lady quit?! She is just like an annoying roach! Had I known I’d run into her back then, I would have signed up for the debate club to learn how to argue better. Unfortunately, the reality was not like what Danny imagined as he struggled to handle Clara’s witty argument and talk his way out.

Nevertheless, when Clara noticed Danny’s speechlessness, she went soft on him and said, “Well, even a shrew like me is still a woman, and a woman needs to be loved by a man just like a pot of flowers, otherwise it’s going to wither and perish. Therefore, you’d better treat me nicely; I don’t know what I’ll do if you break my heart.” Clara implied her intention of threatening Danny to expose his affair should he not listen to her.

Suddenly, a voice came from seemingly nowhere. “I’ve seen b*tches, but never as despicable as you. Can’t you see how that poor man is trying to avoid you? Yet, you swallow your pride and act like a dog begging for love from its owner.”

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