Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 953

Chapter 953 A Treasure in His Arms

After receiving the call, Jamie rushed to the hospital. When he got there, he could see Alicia sitting on a chair with her face buried in her hands from afar. She seemed to be in a broken down and helpless state.

When he approached her, he discovered that the originally charming and fair woman had lost a lot of weight overnight. “Are you alright?” Jamie asked softly.

Hearing his voice, Alicia raised her head to look at him before springing to her feet and throwing herself into his arms, hugging him tightly.

Jamie was stunned for a second and instinctively leaned back while reaching out to hold her shoulders, intending to push her away.

“Let me hug you for a while.” Alicia suddenly spoke up and pleaded with a sob. “Please, I need some strength to face all of this.”

She was like an injured kitten showing Jamie her injuries and asking him for help. The hands that were in midair froze as Jamie gave in and withdrew his hand, silently letting her lean against him.

No matter how strong-willed a person was, no one could stand having something happen to two close relatives one after another on the same day. Even if such a thing happened to a stranger, Jamie wouldn’t stand by and do nothing, either.

“Actually, Paul is just missing, so he might come back. You have to think more positively.” He couldn’t reveal any news about Paul because only this way would Gale continue his plan.

As long as Gale started tampering with the Heidelbergs’ business, Jamie could seize the chance and find evidence to reveal Gale’s ambitions.

However, Alicia was too innocent and pure, and she wasn’t good at scheming and pretending, so it was best that he hid the truth from her.

In the meantime, Alicia didn’t speak a word and buried her face into Jamie’s chest while silently sobbing. She was so strong-willed that it was heartbreaking.

While listening to her sobs, Jamie felt guilty and couldn’t help but gently pat her back to comfort her.

When Gale brought Narissa over to check up on Alicia, they were met with the scene of Jamie and Alicia hugging each other after exiting the elevator.

Jamie’s actions were so gentle and careful, and it was as though he was holding a precious piece of treasure in his arms, and Alicia was that treasure.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Jamie immediately stepped back and moved away from Alicia.

At the same time, Alicia turned to the side and secretly wiped away the tears on her face.

“Alicia, how’s Uncle Dominic?” Gale asked about Dominic Heidelberg’s condition.

“He’s still in a coma. The doctors can’t tell when he will be able to wake up.” When Alicia spoke, her eyes were filled with tears again.

To her, Gale was the only relative she could rely on now.

“Uncle Dominic will live a long life, so he will make it. I’ll watch over the company, so you don’t have to worry about it,” Gale comforted her.

Narissa nodded her head at them, which counted as a greeting.

“It seems like our family needs to trouble you again.” Alicia bowed her upper body to show her gratitude.

“We’re a family, so there’s no need for such formalities. As for you, you haven’t slept all night, right? You need to take a rest when you have the time. Don’t let yourself fall sick before Paul comes back,” Gale reminded her while patting her shoulder.

“I understand.” Since Alicia was afraid that she would burst into tears, she didn’t dare to say too much. Instead, she looked at Gale gratefully to show her feelings.

On the other hand, Jamie grew angrier as he watched the scene. He gnashed his teeth so hard that he almost broke his teeth.

This scumbag. He’s the one who caused the Heidelberg Family’s sufferings, but not only does he not feel any remorse, but he’s also acting like he is not involved and came here to pretend to be the hero. How shameless of him! Jamie reprimanded internally.

“Mr. Myres, you’re such a hero, enthusiastically helping the Heidelberg Family with so many matters. Those who don’t know the situation might think that you’re trying to take over the Heidelberg Family in the absence of the head of the family!” Jamie made a snarky comment.

Although Gale and the Heidelbergs were relatives, it would cause quite a stir if he came forward and shouldered the responsibilities alone.

However, he was the one who made the calls at the company, so no one dared to say anything aloud.

When Jamie openly joked about this, Gale still felt quite awkward despite his tough mentality.

“Jamie, don’t say that. Gale won’t do that.” Alicia spoke up to make peace between the two. “Jamie is just worried about me and means no harm. Please don’t take his words to heart, Gale.”

Gale quickly squeezed out a smile. “It’s fine. He’ll get to know me better after interacting with me for some time. Also, time will tell whether I’m such a person.”

“You’re right. Time will tell.” Unwilling to let this matter go, Jamie continued to make snarky remarks. “I’m sure we’ll soon know what kind of person you are.”

The atmosphere became tense as the two pairs of eyes met each other.

On the other hand, Narissa watched them and didn’t speak a word since she arrived.

There had been women who were infatuated with Jamie appearing around him, and Charissa was a great example, but those women were different from Alicia.

Jamie was using so much effort to protect Alicia, which showed how much she weighed in his heart.

Before, Narissa could persuade herself by saying that Jamie and Alicia’s feelings were one-sided, but now, she realized the truth.

Both of them had feelings for each other, and she was the one with one-sided feelings.

When Jamie noticed Narissa’s expression, his demeanor immediately weakened.

I’ve only rebuked Gale a few times, and she’s already feeling heartbroken for him. It seems like she has indeed fallen for Gale. You stupid woman. Why won’t you listen to me? You can go against me in whatever matters you want, but you can’t joke about your marriage. It’s all Gale’s fault. That hypocritical sc*mbag. Not only has he tricked the Heidelbergs but also Narissa’s feelings. He’s such a greedy person. I will not let Gale succeed!

While Jamie thought of that, his gaze returned to being strong again. He vowed to defeat Gale.

However, Gale only confronted Jamie for a moment before his expression changed, and he changed the topic with a smile. “I know you’re trying to liven up the atmosphere and trying other ways to comfort us, Mr. Keller. You’re very considerate, but all you have to do is take care of Alicia, and I will deal with the company matters, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Alicia, there are still matters I need to attend to at the company, so I must head back there. Do call me if anything happens.”


Following that, Gale brought Narissa with him and left.

When they arrived at the hospital’s entrance, Gale began to act pitiful again.

“It seems like Jamie doesn’t like me very much, and I can understand him. His relationship with Alicia is developing smoothly, so if Paul doesn’t return, there’s a high chance that Jamie will become the ideal son-in-law for the Heidelbergs. By then, the entire Heidelberg Family would be his, and my existence will be a stumbling block to his plan.”

“Those who do nothing wrong have a clear conscience. What’s there to be bothered about if you don’t have any ill thoughts about BJ Biotech?” Narissa was clear-minded.

During this period, she had heard a lot of excuses from Gale. She was polite to him at first, but anyone would have boundaries and limited patience. Once those had been depleted, there was no need to maintain superficial courtesies any longer.

She was a straightforward person and had been suppressing her emotions all this while, so her sudden retort was quite hurtful.

Gale’s original plan was to evoke Narissa’s sympathy, but he didn’t expect to get such a disdainful reply from her. His face fell, showing a gloomy expression.

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