Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Gale Myres, Her Childhood Friend

“But I hope my daughter won’t be a coward who only knows how to run away from things.”

Napoleon walked off after having said what he wanted to say.

Narissa tried to explain herself, but in the end, nothing came out. She had no choice but to get out of bed and do as told.

Twenty minutes had already passed by the time she started heading downstairs. She paused at the stairs and realized that both her parents had gone out. There was only a man in a gray suit sitting on the couch in the living room. He seemed to have been waiting for quite some time.

Narissa marched down the stairs reluctantly and walked over to the back of the couch before greeting politely, “Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.”

Her eyes kept wandering as she did not wish to look the other person in the eye.

“Do you still remember me, Rissie?”

The familiar nickname sparked a long-forgotten memory. Narissa raised her head. Her eyes lit up the moment she saw the man’s face.

“Gale? Why are you here?”

Gale Myres was the son of the Cubers’ family friend. He was eight years older than Narissa. When they were younger, he would often take her out to play and introduced all sorts of extreme sports to her. Later, they slowly lost contact when Gale went abroad.

Since then, Gale had become a lot more dignified. The air of masculinity that emanated from him was very appealing as his tall figure and muscular physique made him even manlier than before.

“Who else do you think it would’ve been?” Gale’s voice was rich and mesmerizing.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be someone from BJ Biotech?” Narissa asked.

“Don’t you remember? My paternal aunt’s the wife of the president of BJ Biotech. I’m here in my cousin’s place,” Gale explained calmly.

“So are you the one who’s here to be matchmade, or is it supposed to be your cousin?” Narissa was a lot more relaxed now. She was eager for gossip instead.

“That’s not important. What’s most important is that neither my cousin nor I intend to form a marriage alliance. I always believe that love should be the basis of marriage, so you don’t have to scour your brain to come up with excuses to avoid meeting me,” Gale explained with a smile.

“Really?” Narissa’s joy was written all over her face.

“When have I ever lied to you?” Gale’s tone was full of affection.

“Yay!” Narissa clapped happily.

“Are you so happy to not marry me?” Gale wasn’t sure how he should be reacting to this. “Could you not make it so obvious? I’d feel hurt, you know?”

“Hehe.” Narissa clutched Gale’s arm and pouted like a little kid. “Gale, you’re like a brother to me, so you won’t be angry with your little sister, right?”

Gale ruffled her hair and didn’t deny it. “I heard that you’ve been keeping to your room for quite some time now. Why don’t I take you out for some fun?”

“You read my mind, Gale!”

Narissa had been dying to get out of the house but she couldn’t find a suitable excuse all this while, so why would she turn Gale down when he was providing her with the best excuse?

“Let’s go, Princess Narissa.”

Narissa spent a fulfilling day with Gale keeping her company.

Night had fallen by the time they returned to Cuber Residence with huge smiles on their faces.

Narissa spotted Napoleon sitting on the couch when she came in, and she even greeted him with a smile, “Good evening, Da.”

“Mr. Cuber.” Gale nodded politely.

“Hello, Gale.” Napoleon nodded back. “Did you two have a good time?”

“We had a great time!” Narissa replied. “Da, you and Ma won’t have to worry about me getting depression if you let Gale come over more often!

Anyway, I’m going up now. I want to take a shower and get ready for bed. Goodnight, Da. Goodnight, Gale!”

Narissa was back to her old, wild self again. She said whatever she wanted to say before flying up to her room, leaving Napoleon and Gale alone in the living room.

“Seems to me that you and Rissa get along pretty well,” Napoleon spoke up.

“Yeah.” Gale didn’t deny it. “Narissa and I are childhood friends. I know what she’s like and I know how to make her happy.”

“I’m glad then. So, what about the engagement?” Napoleon brought up hesitantly to see what Gale’s attitude toward this was.

“I’ll inform my parents about this and try to set the wedding date as soon as possible,” Gale responded calmly.

“Excellent.” Napoleon was immensely satisfied.

“I’ll get going then. Goodbye, Mr. Cuber.”

“Yes, go on.”

At Brendan Atelier in Tissote.

The doors swung open and Danny walked into the main hall hand-in-hand with Ariel. The two sat down in front of Brendan and Yuri.

Soon, the atelier staff brought out the treasured wedding gowns that Brendan had hidden away for a long time. There were five of them all lined up in a row, and the staff left once they arranged everything in order.

“My dear lovely brides, please select your armor of choice for your wedding ceremony.”

People were often a lot cheerier when they had something to celebrate. Danny was so full of joy and good humor that he sounded like a comedian each time he spoke.

“Ariel should go first.” Yuri was pregnant and didn’t feel like moving.

“If you insist.”

Ariel got up and inspected all of the gowns. She stopped in front of the gown in the middle and studied the details for quite some time.

But before she could choose that gown, Brendan got up and recommended a different one to her. “You should choose this one. It complements your figure the best.”

He had designed the one in the middle specifically for Yuri.

Ariel compared the two gowns. While she didn’t say anything, her eyes kept flitting back to the gown in the middle.

Danny saw right through her and openly asked Brendan for a favor. “Brendan, I’ll pay for my nephew’s one-month-old celebration, so give Ariel that gown in the middle.”

“Isn’t it expected of you to spend a bit of money on your nephew anyway?” Brendan rejected the offer tactfully.

“I’ll also pay for his graduation party, okay? That should be enough, right?” Danny was insistent on fulfilling all of Ariel’s desires.

Brendan glanced at Yuri and hesitated.

Ariel immediately realized what was going on and chose to compromise. “It’s okay. Your brother’s the designer. He knows which gown would suit me better, so I’ll go with his suggestion.”

“Oh, fine. Either way, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me no matter what you wear.” Danny’s honeyed tongue struck again. Love filled the air as the couple smiled at each other.

“Can you two cut it out?” Brendan had a look of disdain.

“Hah! You’re one to talk! Don’t think I don’t know that you’re probably even worse than me behind closed doors!” Danny retorted.

Seeing that the comments were getting a little out of hand, Yuri quickly stepped in to stop them. “That’s enough. You two should stop ribbing each other. Ariel, if you like the gown in the middle, you can have it.”

Brendan took Yuri by the hand to stop her. “I’m here. You don’t have to give in to someone else,” he muttered.

Yuri smiled and whispered into his ear, “The waist of the dress is too small. I can’t fit into it.”

Brendan glanced down at her slightly bulging abdomen and realized what she meant.

True enough, he hadn’t considered the possibility of her being pregnant when he designed the wedding gown. She could no longer fit into it now.

Before anyone else could react, Danny snatched the wedding gown and grabbed Ariel’s hand before running off.

“Well, we’ll take it! Thanks, Yuri!”

“Hey! You brat!” Brendan was exasperated as he called out, “You’re paying for both the graduation party and the wedding too!”

“No problem!”

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