Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Overtime

“Tsk!” Margaret rolled her eyes at Edmond in frustration. “Just keep quiet! I’ll explain it to you later!”

“To hell with your explanation!” Edmond grabbed his crutches and wobbled to his feet. “Your first explanation ended up with you shoving me onto the street so that a car would run over me, and now you want to give me an explanation that is going to have me turning over all of my assets? Either way, you just want me to be the one who bears the brunt of all the suffering!”

“What are you even saying? Stop acting so crazy! Just shut up!” Margaret never thought he would mess things up at a time like this. In her panic, the only thing she could think to do was to raise her voice and drown him out.

“You’re the one who should just shut up! I’m telling you now. If you want to be taken advantage of, then go ahead and do it alone! I’m not going to go along with this plan of yours. So what if Anastasia has it out for me? I can just file for bankruptcy and let them take my company. Even if that happens, I can still enjoy myself with the millions that my family has. Trying to use my money to achieve your goals and force me to beg on the streets, huh? Don’t even think about it!”

Edmond tore off the bandage around his forehead and neck and threw them away before hobbling off with the help of his crutches.

“You fool!” Margeret stomped her foot in fury. “If you leave now, it’s over for us both!”

Edmond didn’t care at all. He sped up and disappeared out the door soon after.

“Oh, no! The show’s ruined!” Elise gasped mockingly on purpose.

Margaret was infuriated and frustrated at the same time. She clenched her fists as she cursed Edmond in silence.

She had always been shrewd. How did she end up with such a lousy partner?

Margaret turned around and glared at Anastasia with resentment. Discontentment and hatred swirled in her eyes.

“Your partner has given up on the show. What else do you have to say?”

Alexander was staring at her with deep dissatisfaction. The temperature of the air around him seemed to drop several degrees.

He pulled Elise into his arms in silent warning.

Anyone who tried to touch his woman had better ask for his permission first.

Left with no way out, Margaret decided to throw caution to the wind and give it one last shot. “I just want to know one thing. Do you really want Anastasia to return the money to you?”

Alexander held Elise even closer to him. “What do you think?”

He didn’t give a straight answer, but Margaret had the answer anyway.

Alexander wouldn’t make life difficult for Anastasia.

And just like that, Margaret knew that as long as Anastasia was still around, she would always be reminded of just how unfair the world was.

Some people were born with everything in life. Life favored them even without them having to lift a finger. Meanwhile, when it came to her, she would still end up with nothing after all her scheming and plotting.

Margaret hated this world, and she hated Anastasia even more!

If Anastasia hadn’t befriended her, she could’ve still tolerated the perfectly average fate she had, but because Anastasia had stormed into her world, she realized just how unfair it was and started wanting more and more.

It’s all because of Anastasia! Anastasia’s the one who ruined my life!

Margaret gave Anastasia one last look of hatred and resentment before stomping off in anger.

Alexander noticed the look in Margaret’s eyes. As soon as she left, he called his assistant.

“Deal with Margaret and Edmond as soon as possible.”

He hung up immediately after giving his instructions.

“Are you making a move against them too?” Elise had intended to handle the matter herself. She didn’t expect Alexander to get involved.

Alexander brushed her hair to the side gently. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to butt in, but it seems like it won’t be safe if those two are still around. I can only rest easy once they’ve been dealt with.”

“Oh, alright.” Elise shrugged. She did feel it was a bit of an overkill to have Alexander deal with those two.

“Are you unhappy about it?” Alexander asked.

“It’s not that,” Elise said. “I just think it’d be too easy on them if you destroyed them so soon. I wanted to play with them for a little longer.”

That was the only way to make it up to the deceased Anastasia.

“I’ll make sure it’s done properly.” Alexander nodded in all seriousness to assure her that he knew what she wanted before changing the subject to something a lot less solemn. “But why don’t we play among ourselves now?”

“What are we playing?” Elise was serious too.



Alexander had picked Elise up and carried her in his arms before she even had the time to react.

When Elise finally understood what he meant, she glanced at the household staff who were passing by and turned bright red. She punched him lightly on the chest. “What are you doing? It’s broad daylight!”

“Lexi really wants a younger sister, and as her parents, it’s our job to fulfill her wishes, even if it means working overtime.” Alexander had no shame at all.

Elise was speechless. “Is that how you use the word ‘overtime’?”

“How else should I use it? Let’s discuss it in detail when we get to the bedroom.”

Elise had no words.

Alexander, you sneaky b*stard!

Meanwhile, in Cuber Residence on the other side of the ocean.

Narissa was sitting up in bed in the middle of an extravagant room that looked like it belonged to a princess. Out of boredom, she engrossed herself in her computer game.


The phone on her bedside table started vibrating. Narissa glanced at the screen and decided to ignore the call when she saw that it was from a number she didn’t recognize and waited for her phone to stop ringing.

However, the same number called again. It was just as her game was at its climax and the buzzing sound was disrupting her ability to concentrate, so she grabbed her phone and turned it off.

Back on the other side of the ocean, Jamie was filled with doubt after having his call go unanswered twice.

He cross-checked the number he dialed against the one Elise gave him and tried to call once more after confirming that he had the right number, only to hear the robotic message telling him that the phone he was calling had been turned off. He was gobsmacked.

Did Boss give me a fake number?

Narissa didn’t know about any of this. She was fully focused on her game, and after executing a masterful series of skills, she finally emerged victorious.

“Yes!” she exclaimed in excitement.

Just then, she heard footsteps approaching her door. Just as her doorknob started turning, she quickly tossed her laptop aside and yanked the covers over her to act as if she was asleep.

Ever since Narissa came home, she had been holing up in her room without trying to interact with anyone else. Her complete avoidance of any form of social interaction was enough to convince her parents that she was deeply hurt. Thanks to that, she managed to escape several blind dates and matchmaking attempts.

However, the person they were trying to set her up with had come to their house today. She figured that it must be her mother coming up to urge her to go down, so she decided to use her same old ploy to get out of today’s meeting.

Soon, she heard the door closing.

Once the footsteps disappeared down the corridor, Narissa threw her blanket off and sat up gleefully, but the moment she opened her eyes, she looked straight into her father’s stern face.

Narissa slowly lowered her head guiltily. “It’s you, D-Da,” she muttered awkwardly.

Her father, Napoleon Cuber, kept himself in good shape. He was in his fifties but looked like someone in his thirties instead. Still, it did not make his over-six-foot-tall frame any less imposing.

“We have a guest here. Go down and greet him,” Napoleon said grimly.

Narissa scratched her head and started coming up with excuses. “I don’t feel too good today, actually. Why don’t I greet him some other time? It’d be disrespectful of me to meet our guest in this state.”

“You keep delaying it. If not now, when?” Napoleon’s voice was calm but his tone was still stern all the same. “Ever since you were born, your mother and I have never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to do. You’re the one who made the decision this time. You’re an adult. You need to learn to take responsibility for the things you say.”

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