Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 899

Chapter 899 What He Was After All Along

It went without saying that Elise knew the right thing to do. She gave Princess Diana a reassuring pat on the back of her hand and said, “I understand. It’ll remain a secret between us.”

Elise went home after sending Princess Diana back to the hotel. As soon as she entered the house, Jamie limped over with his crutches to greet her. “Boss! Hehe. You’re finally back!”

He was grinning widely, but he had a cast on both his left arm and right leg, and the wounds on his face hadn’t healed either. He had to hobble over on one foot instead of walking normally. It was hard for others to decide whether to find him pitiful or strong for still holding up so well.

“What are you doing?” He looked so unstable that Elise hastened to hold him up. “I thought you were only going to be discharged from the hospital next month.”

“Well, I was bored out of my life at the hospital. Julius and the rest all have work to do, so can’t you give me something to do as well?” Jamie grumbled.

“All you need to do right now is focus on your recovery. The rest can wait.” She let go of him and retorted bluntly.

As soon as she said that, Jamie threw his crutches to the side and began stomping his right leg despite the cast. “I’m fine! Look, Boss. I can do anything!”

“Ahh! Oh, no! Ah, shoot—”

He had only just claimed to be in excellent health when he lost his balance and fell backward onto his butt.

“Oh, for goodness sake! Can you not?!”

Elise’s instinctive reaction was to help him up, but she quickly mulled it over and pretended not to notice he was on the floor so that he had to suffer a little.

Jamie’s left arm and right leg were still in casts, and after falling on his tailbone now, he was in so much pain that his eyes welled up with tears. Even so, he didn’t admit to it. “It’s fine, Boss. You don’t need to help me. I can get up by myself!”

Well, his bravado immediately went out the door the moment he saw Irvin passing by.

“My dear godson, quick! Come and help your godfather up. Ugh, I’m in so much pain…”

Irvin stopped and glanced down at Jamie, but he was unmoved. “You asked for it,” he remarked off-handedly before walking off.

“Hey, kiddo!” Jamie cried out. “How can you be so heartless at such a young age? If you keep this up, you won’t be able to find yourself a wife in the future!”

Irvin was surprisingly calm. “From the looks of it, there’s no way of telling who’d find a wife first.”

Jamie rolled his eyes and gave up trying to argue with Irvin.

He’s got such a sharp tongue. It’s even worse than his father’s!

Meanwhile, Alexia came down at just the right time and saw Jamie sitting pitifully on the floor, so she rushed over to help him.

Jamie was deeply touched. “You’re the only one who cares, my beloved goddaughter. I’ll leave all my money to you!”

“I don’t want your money. You should find me a godmother and give me a sister to play with instead!” Alexia was eager to encourage the adults to have more children.

“About that… Let’s talk about that in the future.” He scratched his head as helplessness flashed across his eyes for a fleeting moment.

Elise noticed his expression, and her eyes flickered in thought. She swiftly changed her mind and instructed casually, “Now that I think about it, there is something that no one’s attending to just yet. Princess Diana and I ran into an old classmate of hers today. Perhaps you can look into this person’s details and background.”

Jamie immediately saluted her. “Yes, ma’am! I’ll do a good job, I promise!”

Then, he started asking curiously, “But everything there is to know about Princess Diana is already on the Internet. Are you sure you want me to do such a simple thing, Boss?”

“Well, whether it’s simple or not depends on how you think about it. I, for one, don’t believe in coincidences. This is the task. Are you doing it or not?” She purposely egged him on.

“I’ll do it, of course! Don’t worry, Boss. I’ll definitely find every single little detail about that guy, down to the brand of underwear he wears!” Jamie promised before breaking into a grin again. “So uhh… Boss, once I’m done, can you give me Narissa’s new number?”

Elise smirked. I knew it. This is what he was after all along. It’d be weird for him not to do anything after going so long without hearing anything from Narissa.

“That’ll depend on your performance,” she teased.

“No problem!” He smacked his chest confidently. “Just wait for me to bring you the good news!”

He retrieved his crutches and hobbled off.

Elise felt both amused and exasperated as she watched him leave. She got out her phone and sent him Narissa’s contact.

Just as soon as she pocketed her phone and turned around, she saw Irvin standing there and staring at her with a glass of milk in his hand.

“Did you need something?” she asked, feeling somewhat evasive.

“Yeah.” Irvin nodded with a solemn face. “Mommy, what do you think about me taking the college entrance examination straight away?”

“Huh?” At first, Elise was dumbstruck. She stared blankly for a short while before finally regaining her cool. “Well, Irvin, perhaps we should keep a low profile, hm? After all, your academic credentials aren’t all that important for you to begin with, and you can focus fully on your studies if you avoid taking those examinations for now. You might end up causing a huge stir if you take the college entrance examination, you know. You don’t want the reporters to pester you for an interview every day, right?”

“Oh. Let’s forget it, then.”

Ever since then, Irvin started wondering how he could get into college to do even deeper research without the media finding out about it.

Meanwhile, at one of the office buildings in Tissote.

Margaret and Edmond exited the building with the proposal in their hands. They both had despondent expressions on their faces; their shoulders heavy with disappointment.

This was yet another rejection in a series of refusals within the past month. They had met with a majority of the investors in Tissote, but no one was willing to invest in them. The company was going to go under if they couldn’t find an investor soon.

“Come on. Let’s go to the next one!”

Margaret swiftly regained her spirits as they set off for their next stop.

Along the way, a disheveled beggar shot out from the side and grabbed Margaret’s purse.

“Pretty lady, please show me some kindness. I haven’t eaten in three days. Please give me some money for food…”

Edmond was already in a foul mood, and the stench coming from the beggar only made it worse. He kicked the beggar off without showing any mercy. “F*cking hell. What rotten luck, and so early in the day, too! Get away!”

The beggar crashed to the ground, and her hair scattered to the side, revealing her grimy face.

Margaret tossed some tissue at the beggar and glanced carelessly at her before moving in to take a closer look.

“Mrs. White?” Margaret was startled when she recognized Lyra’s face. “What happened to you? How did you end up like this? Where’s Mr. White and Adelpha?”

Lyra was so hungry that her eyesight was hazy. She blinked and stared at Margaret for ages, but figuring it was someone who knew her, she began to wail, “It’s all because of Anastasia White, that walking disaster! She owed a huge sum of money and couldn’t pay it back, so all of the Whites’ family assets were frozen. The debt collectors come knocking every day, and no one dares to give us a job. We don’t have money to buy food, so we have no choice but to beg on the streets!”

She wiped her tears and seemed to regain some of her clarity. She grabbed onto Margaret as if she were her only lifeline. “Margaret, you’re Adelpha’s good friend. Help me, please. Buy me a meal. I’m starving. Please, I’m begging you…”

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