Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 139

Chapter 139 Look What You Have Done

Elena didn’t remember what things Ryan had done to her last night nor did she remember when it ended.

Next morning, when the golden came through the door-to-ceiling window, Elena slowly opened her eyes.

Elena tried to move her body but found that her lower body was totally numb.

Ah! This shameless man!

Who would believe that this man, who always sat in a wheelchair with a cold expression, was so rough in bed!

Elena sighed and moved to the side wanting to get off the bed. But suddenly a pair of big hands pulled her into a wide embrace.

Ryan, who had already woken up, pulled Elena over and wrapped his hands around her waist. He said with a hoarse voice, “Sleep a little more. You are tired last night.”

He said as if he was very concerned about her. But Elena could clearly notice the joy in his voice.

She looked speechlessly at this man. He was very happy, because he made her tired?

“Ryan…” At this point, Elena noticed that her voice was very hoarse.

Looking at her appearance, he could not help but tease her. “Oh Elena, your voice is so hoarse.”

“Ryan…” Elena was speechless. She didn’t want to bring this topic.

“What? You don’t like it? But why didn’t I feel you don’t like it last night? Look what you have done.”

As he spoke, he slightly bent down and showed her his slander neck and collarbone.

There were red marks on his neck as if someone had pulled him over. There were even some bite marks…

Elena’s face was so red as if it was dried with red color, even her ears and neck turned red.

Looking at her angry look, Ryan suddenly leaned over and whispered in her ear in a seducing voice, “There are many marks on some other place also. Do you want to see it?”

She was both angry and embarrassed. When did he become so shameless? She glared at him and punched his chest.

She somewhat had forgotten about her previous unhappiness and insecurity.

Ryan smiled and hugged her tighter. He knew if he continued to tease her, she would be angry. So he let her go. “Okay, Okay. I won’t tease you anymore.”

Once he left her, Elena didn’t think anything else. Her clothes were thrown to the ground by Ryan last night. So she grabbed a thin blanket from the bedside drawer and wrapped it around her body. Then she quickly ran into the bathroom without looking back.

She was too embarrassed to face him right now.

Ryan saw her flustered face and laughed out loud.

After they got dressed, both of them came to the dinner table for breakfast.

After sitting down, Elena remembered about Ryan and Amber’s conversation last night. She was somewhat absent minded.

“What are you thinking?” Ryan, who was drinking juice, looked at her and asked.

“If Amber and Roman really cooperated, I’m afraid it will increase the weight of Roman in the hearts of those shareholders. At that time, if all those people switch sides, you will be trouble.”

Roman’s ultimate goal was to kick Ryan out of the Monor family. And if he got Amber’s help, it would like adding wings to a tiger. After that he would definitely come to tear them apart.

Elena really didn’t want Ryan to work under Roman, that scum.

“What I want is not the position of the CEO of the Monor Group. Since I dare to give up the position of the CEO, I have no intention of taking it back.”

Since Roman wanted this position, Ryan would give it to him. At that time, even if Monor family was in verge of extinction, he would not care even if everyone begged him to take the position of the CEO.

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