Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 137

Chapter 137 Disappointment

Roman naturally knew that Ryan wouldn’t be able to shake his position.

Initially, he thought that there wouldn’t be any more problems after he took the control of the Monor Group, but he didn’t expect that Ryan would have such a deep foundation.

“Recently, Ryan and Elena have been following up on an overseas case. If they lose the chance to cooperate, won’t it prove that they aren’t strong enough?”

Roman had never thought that Ryan would do such a thing. If he did not make adjustments now, he would have to return the company to Ryan in the future.

This time, he could not continue to pity his brother. He was just a cripple. How could he take over the company?

“Ryan is so smart. He will not delay things like this. If you really want to deal with him, perhaps you can start with Elena.”

Initially, she thought that letting Elena marry a cripple like Ryan would not have a good result. But she did not expect Elena to really be together with Ryan. Furthermore, it seemed that the couple was deeply in love and was very happy.

This made her very jealous.

Roman raised his head and looked at Amara. He was very puzzled. “I really did not think that you would cause such a ruckus. No matter what, you two are still cousins. Why did you have to make such a fuss?”

“As far as I know, there doesn’t seem to be any conflict of interest between the two of you. The entire Lewis family is under the control of your father and grandfather. Why can’t you tolerate her like this?”

“This is the matter of our Lewis family. You don’t need to interfere. You just need to take care of your own matters. The grudges between Elena and me cannot be explained clearly. When the time comes, I will slowly explain it to you. Also, pay attention this period of time. That so-called cousin of yours doesn’t seem to be a good person.”

Previously, when she was in the office, she felt that that woman was very ambitious. If it wasn’t for the conversation later on the entrance of the company, she wouldn’t have been able to tell that a soft and weak little girl actually had such great ambitions.

“She is just a person who cannot be brought up on stage. There is no need to care. Tina was brought into the company by your cousin, so I have to give face to my brother and his wife.”

No matter what, although the two of them did not get along in their hearts, they had to pretend to have a deep brotherly relationship outside.

If there was a problem at this time, his father would definitely not allow the two of them enter the company. Charles would not be at ease to give them all the work in the company.

It was already afternoon. The two of them did not stay at the restaurant and directly returned to the company.

Everyone knew Amara’s identity, so they were very respectful to her.

After all, a woman who could be with their CEO must be either rich or noble. So those people naturally treated Amara as their CEO’s wife.

After Amber got what she wanted to know, she dialed Ryan’s number. “You guessed right. After your brother saw me, he really wanted to rope me in and use my military relationship to protect Monor Group.”

Ryan and Elena had come back home earlier today. And at this time both of them were having their sweet dinner, when the phone on the dining table suddenly rang.

After hearing Amber’s words, he smiled and said, “Sure enough, I know Roman. You didn’t agree to him, right? Keep him in suspense. Perhaps this will bring you more help.”

“I’m not sure if you will agree or not, so naturally I didn’t agree. But I estimate that it won’t be long before he comes to find me again. After all, he already has the intention to cooperate with me a long time ago.”

Amber answered truthfully. She originally thought that Roman had some ambition, but she didn’t expect him to take such a shortcut. Under Roman’s lead, the Monor family was gradually declining.

Elena, who was sitting beside, listened to their conversation and unconsciously clenched her chopsticks.

Although Amber had previously promised in front of her that she wouldn’t have any relationship with Ryan, Elena could feel that Amber’s relationship with Ryan was not as simple as just friends.

Because women understood women the most, she could naturally feel the subtle feelings between the two of them.

“You just have to do what you want to do next. Don’t give him too many benefits. Let him have a taste of the sweetness first and he will know your importance. I believe you are very clear about what to do next.”

Ryan reminded her how to cooperate with Roman. That man was not easy to deal with so they had to be careful.

The two of them talked about a lot of business matters.

Elena did not know what Ryan was talking about and did not want to disturb him. She could only eat her own food.

When Ryan hung up the phone, he saw that woman in front of him had finished the rice in her bowl but did not eat anything else. She didn’t even eat the salmons for which she fought with him every time.

Ryan frowned. “What are you thinking about?”

She looked like she was in a daze.

Elena looked at him and realized that she had lost her composure. She forced a smile. “Nothing. I am full. I will go and wash up.”

After saying that, Elena ran out of the dining room without looking back.

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