Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 136

Chapter 136 Testing

Amara was the first to speak. “Has Miss Thomas been working hard in the army these few years? I am very envious of you guys for being able to do the things you like. Unlike me, who can only manage the company’s matters. If you let me choose again, I hope to be the same as you.”

Amara knew that in order to become true friends, having a common topic was the most important.

There were many people who complimented her before, but those people had no values at all, so she did not pay attention to them.

“You’re right. When you put on your military uniform, you will realize that all the suffering you have suffered is worth it.”

Amber once thought that she could not preserve. Later, she realized that if someone did not force her, she would not know how much potential she had.

“Then what does Miss Amber want to do now? Do you want to stay in the army?” Amara continued to ask on Roman’s behalf.

If Amber wanted to do business, it would be best to cooperate with Monor family.

Amber was stunned when she heard this. Had they started to come to right track so quickly?

Amber did not directly answer. “I really want to stay in the army, but it still depends on my father’s arrangements.”

Roman knew that he would not be able to get anything out of it now. But as long as they maintained a good relationship, he would be able to get help from the military in the future.

“Mr. Monor, I remember Director Monor got into a car accident earlier. But why did he leave his position? Could it be that he got an accident and he lost his management ability?”

Roman’s chopsticks paused for a moment as he ate.

“After my brother got into a car accident, my father asked me to manage the company in order to keep him healthy. However, he is now the general manager of the company. It is the property of Monor family. It is the same for us brothers.”

Amber did not expect that this family dispute would be casually skipped over by Roman. Ryan’s era had already been replaced by Roman.

“So that’s how it is. Initially, I wanted to ask my father to give more advice to Ryan, but now it seems everything is alright.”

Amber did not say what she really thought. After all, they did not knew what kind of friendship she and Ryan had.

After the meal, Amber did not stay any longer. Since she had achieved her goal, she left immediately.

Amara looked at Roman. “Are we going to let her go just like that?”

“If she wants to leave, we can’t keep her either.”

Roman had been very busy these days. The reason was that when he took over the company from Ryan, the later had left too many troubles behind.

If Roman wanted to complete it, he needed to go through complicated procedures. Therefore, Roman had been holding a grudge for a long time.

He thought that he must find some trouble for Ryan during this period of time in order to make up for his time spent in the company.

“After I came to the company, I found that many people still support Ryan.” Roman said somewhat impatiently.

Amara thought about it and felt that Ryan was not as cowardly as he appeared to be. After he took over the company, the company’s profits were increasing, so it would be difficult to deal with him.

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