Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 135

Chapter 135 Unexpected Meeting

“There’s no need to come here and cry. Since you’re already here, do your duty. If you dare to cause trouble again, I won’t be polite to you.”

Roman said coldly and left the company with Amara.

Looking at Roman’s back, Tina started to cry loudly.

Ryan coldly snorted and ignored her. He also turned around and left.

Roman and Amara went to the restaurant Amara booked earlier. But they didn’t expect to bump into someone familiar.

It was Amber.

“Hello Miss Thomas. I didn’t expect you to come out of the army.” Once Roman saw Amber, he went up to greet her.

Amber turned around and saw Roman. She also smiled. “So it’s Mr. Monor. Nice to meet you. It has been many years since we last met.”

“Why is Miss Thomas here today?” Roman asked then turned to Amara. “Let me introduce her to you. This is my girlfriend, Amara.”

Amara quite liked this form of address.

Then he said to Amara. “She is Amber Thomas. You should have heard of her before. She is from a wealthy family in the capital.”

“Miss Thomas, I have heard of you for a long time.” Amara greeted. Amara really liked this kind of woman.

Previously Stella and Lind were merely Amara’s followers. If she could really make friends with a woman like Amber, it would be very proud to tell others.

“I have always heard that Miss Lewis is beautiful. I did not expect her to be even more beautiful than the rumors.” Amber praised.

Amara smiled slightly, “Miss Thomas really praised me too much.”

“Miss Thomas came here today to see a friend?” Roman asked.

Previously Amber had come here to recuperate and he heard that she had a good relationship with Ryan.

However, the current CEO of Monor family was him, Roman. Ryan’s era had already passed. Therefore, Amber should know what the right choice was.

“Yes, I’m here to meet an old friend. The matter is almost done. I wanted to have a meal, but I didn’t expect him to leave in advance, so I’m the only one left.”

Amber’s face revealed a trace of pity. She lowered her head to hide the flash of light in her eyes.

Indeed, Roman showed a gentlemanly side. “That is coincidental. If Miss Thomas does not mind, let’s sit down and eat together.”

“Then I’m so sorry. How can I add in the date between the two of you?” Amber refused.

Amara did not have any intention to chase her and instead tried to persuade, “It’s alright. Anyway, the two of us will always eat together.”

Roman did not expect Amara to be so sensible. It made him look at her in a different light.

In the past, he had only touched the scent of a woman’s perfume and she would make a big fuss. Now, she had seen through the interests between them.

It seemed that Amara was not as stupid as she looked on the surface.

“Then I will not reject your kindness.” Amber said and the three of them sat down in the private room.

Amber inadvertently revealed a heroic spirit that ordinary ladies did not have. Amara was somewhat envious of this.

After all the dished were served, Roman was very gentlemanly. He let the two ladies choose the dishes that they liked first.

Three people sitting together in a same table but each one had their own thoughts. This was bound to not be an ordinary lunch.

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