Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 131

Chapter 131 She Recorded the Conversation

Amara may be arrogant and bossy outside, but she had to apologize for this. After all, Tina was also a member of the Monor family and Amara did not dare to offend her.

On the other hand, Tina knew that Amara was Roman’s girlfriend. So even if she did not feel comfortable in her heart, it would be good to continue sulking with her, so she stopped when things were good.

“Miss Lewis needs not be like this. Those who do not know are not guilty. Let’s forget about this matter. But I hope that next time, Miss Lewis will not make a rash move like this.”

“That is only natural. It is good that the two of us can resolve the misunderstanding and get along peacefully.” Amara also said slowly.

After all, if Roman knew about it, she was afraid that she would anger him again. Therefore, Amara endured it this time.

Seeing the two of them talking, Elena could not help but laugh out loud. These two women are completely hypocritical. They were just putting on an act on the surface.

On the surface they were apologizing to each other but in their hearts, they might not be thinking about anything.

Elena ignored these women’s hypocrisy, went to Roman’s desk to look some files and was about to leave when she was stopped by Amara.

“Elena, tell me what happened? Why Roman become so busy? What happened in the company?”

Elena shook her head when she heard that. She pushed Amara’s hand away. “Amara, since you are with Roman, you should truth him.”

“It does not hurt to talk while standing. Roman is a golden bachelor. If I am not careful, I am afraid I cannot able to be with him.”

“Hehe, since you think so, I have nothing to say.” Elena sighed. Sometimes the tighter you hold your feelings, the uncertain you become. You have to give others some freedom.

“You… You have come to teach me a lesson now. If it wasn’t for me helping with you, how could you be with Ryan?”

Amara couldn’t stand Elena’s act of being big after getting the advantage. If it was not because she did not want to marry Ryan back then, why would Elena be the one to marry him?

When Elena heard this, she instantly became angry. In a fit of anger, she threw all the documents in her hands onto the table. She grabbed Amara’s arm. “Yes, if you didn’t give it to me back then, why would Ryan marry me? Do you regret it now?”

“Let me tell you, Ryan is my man now. If you dare touch him or slander him once, I will make your life worse than death!”

Tina, who was standing by the side, was completely stunned when she heard the words between the two sisters. She did not expect that there would such a thing.

If Ryan knew that his original girlfriend was with his big brother and the woman who married to him was just a substitute and had nothing to do with him, she didn’t know how he would feel in his heart.

Tina quietly took out her phone and turned on the recording function. She recorded the conversation between Elena and Amara into her phone.

Her chance to turn the tables had finally come!

Amara instantly threw away Elena’s hands that were holding her arm. “Elena, what are you going to do? Do you want to rebel? Don’t forget that you are now a member of Lewis family!”

Amara looked at Elena with distain. She just married a cripple. What was there to be so proud of?

After hearing Amara’s words, Elena sneered. “Lewis family? Amara, I’m afraid that the people of the Lewis family only respect you as the young lady. I am just a chess piece in weighting the Monor family.”

Elena took a step forward. “You can’t get Roman by doing these things!”

Elena had already known that this woman was not easy to deal with. The reason why she made such big fuss today was because she hoped to get married to Roman earlier so that she could have some assurance.

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