Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 129

Chapter 129 Making a Big Fuss

Elena worked in the company hardly and did not care about the rumors about Ryan and Amber. Instead, she felt that Amber helped Ryan a lot.

With Amber’s help, Ryan’s position in the company became even more secure.

During this period of time, not only did Roman have to deal with Ryan, he also had to deal with the company’s business. It could be said that he was very busy.

However, Amara did not believe that Roman was really busy.

After Amara made countless phone calls, she finally could not help but run to the Monor Group. She wanted to see this Roman.

Was he really as busy as he said on the phone?

When Amara ran to the company, all the employees looked at the woman who looked hurried. They all knew the relationship between Amara and Roman, so they didn’t dare to take the initiative to provoke her.

At this time, Nova and Elsa were walking out of the tea room together. They did not expect to bump into Amara.

“Is Roman in the company?” Amara glared at the both of them and asked impatiently.

Nova and Elsa wanted to stay away from this woman. So when they saw Amara, they originally wanted to go back to the tea room. But unfortunately, they were caught.

When they saw Amara’s angry look, they can only answer. Nova took the initiative to speak. “Miss Lewis, why did you come to the company with such a big temper? Is there anything you need?”

“Why did I come here, do I need to report you? What I want to do is my own business. I don’t need you to care. What are you? And what right do you have to care about my business?”

Amara was already very unhappy about Roman’s matter and Nova just happened to bump into the muzzle of the gun. It could be said that her luck was bad.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Lewis. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have talked to you like this. The CEO is in his office.”

Although no one liked Amara, they didn’t dare to offend her. So Nova answered quickly and ran away with Elsa.

Amara originally thought that Roman would welcome her when she came here. After all, it was always like this in the past.

Amara turned around and went into the elevator and came to Roman’s office.

At this time, Roman, Ryan and some other shareholders were having a meeting here. Of course, Elena was also there.

Elena just happened to look outside and naturally saw Amara rushing into the meeting room. It was very rude.

But Amara didn’t notice that there was a meeting going on there and barged into the room. “Roman, why don’t you…”

Just as she was shouting, she suddenly stopped when she saw a group of people there.

Everyone looked at the woman who suddenly broke into middle of the meeting. They came closer to each other and talked while looking at Amara with strange gazes.

Amara heard some of their words and felt uncomfortable in her heart. She originally wanted to argue but Roman was in the meeting, if she disturbed him, he would hate her even more.

Thinking about this, she could only leave dejectedly.

“Why are you here?” Roman had no option but came out of the office. His face was very ugly.

Today, his face had been thrown away by this woman. What else she could not do?

“You have been avoiding me all the time. So I came to see you…”

Amara was still stubborn until now, forcing Roman to give her an explanation.

Roman said helplessly. “Look at you. You are thinking this nonsense. If these shareholders have opinions on you, how will you be my young mistress in the future?”

Roman’s expression was somewhat displeased. He was very dissatisfied with Amara’s actions today.

Amara also felt very wronged. “I just want to know what you have been doing recently. During this period of time, you have been avoiding me. I am also a person and have my own feelings. How can I not care about my boyfriend? That’s why I came here. Why are you still yelling at me?”

Roman shook his head helplessly. “You should know what I am doing now. Recently, there have been many problems in the company. I have to deal with them. Since I have already agreed to be with you, I will not go back on my word. You should also give me some freedom.”

“Roman, I know what you want to say. I just came here to confirm. Since you are working, I will not disturb you for too long. But shouldn’t you consider getting married?”

Adeline asked Amara to force Roman. Perhaps he would know how to be anxious. After all, a man, who was already thirty years old, should consider getting married.

“Can you not talk about marriage? I am not free now…”

At this moment, Elena walked out with documents in her hands.

“Director Monor, the people inside are waiting for you for a long time. Please go in and confirm the procedure as soon as possible.”

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