Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 128

Chapter 128 Tina’s Little Thoughts

Tina, who was standing at the side, looked at Elena’s absent-minded look and felt some schadenfreude.

It was only because Ryan and the other woman went out to have a meal that Elena was so angry that she became like this?

Tina came from her seat to Elena’s side. “Sister-in-law, why do I see that you are at your wit’s end? Did something happen? Could it be that cousin bullied you again?”

Elena raised her head and looked at her. This woman was really afraid that someone would be happy and come to cause trouble.

She casually looked at her. “When have you even seen your cousin bully me? It was just that I encountered some business matters and you wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

“Sister-in-law, actually, I have one more thing I want to ask. Who is the woman who went out with you today?”

This is the question Tina wanted to know that most. She had seen Amber, when she came to meet Ryan yesterday. That woman was a way beautiful and she had a unique charm in her body.

When Tina saw her she couldn’t help but feel a little scared. There was still an Elena who was standing between her and Ryan. Now if there was another woman… she didn’t want another stone to be added in her path.

“She’s just a friend of your cousin. Why did she suddenly ask this?”

Amber’s matter had nothing to do with Tina and she really had some connections. It seemed that she really thought of herself as Ryan’s cousin and wanted to do whatever she wanted here.

“Sister-in-law, you are still in the company and cousin even dared to bring a woman to the company. If you are not here, I wonder how he will act?”

Tina wanted to approach Elena as she spoke, as if she was talking about something shameful.

Elena was very disgusted by her appearance. She shook up Tina, who was pushing her, and said. “There is no need for you to remind me about the matter between me and my husband.”

Tina immediately acted like she was wronged and cried. “Sister-in-law, I did the same thing. After all, a person like my cousin is indeed very outstanding. Even if his legs are not convenient now, I can’t help but think that someone will come knocking on his door one after another.”

Elena glared at her. This woman spoke as if Ryan was her husband and had cheated on her, making Elena instantly feel unhappy. “You just need to take care of yourself. My own matters, I naturally know what to do.”

Tina originally thought that with this matter, she could win Elena over to stand on the same side as her. Her sixth sense told her that the person called Amber Thomas was not a good person.

Although she had not done anything yet, it did not mean that she would not do anything in the future.

Who knew that Elena did not want to bother with her at all.

Tina could only return to her seat and did not care about Elena’s matters anymore. The only thing she needed to do now was to obtain Ryan’s trust.

At that time, she could replace Elena and become the Second Young Mistress of Monor Family.

Seeing Tina’s disappointed expression, the corner of Elena’s mouth curled up. What she wanted was this kind of effect. Otherwise, how could she suppress that woman’s innate strength?

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