Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 126

Chapter 126 Ryan’s Old Friend

The group spent a long period of time in peace. During this period of time, Ryan and Elena worked very well together. Their relationship also became more stable and intimate.

However, just as the two of them were discussing how to further cooperate with Leonardo’s company, a beauty dropped from the company.

The woman walked in in her 10 cm high heels, emitting the charm of a strong woman from head to toe.

“Ryan… Long time no see.” A sweet smile hung on her face, as if she was very familiar with Ryan.

When he saw her, Ryan’s eyes lips up as well. “When did you come back?”

“I came back yesterday. I came to see you today. I didn’t expect to see someone in your office.”

After the woman finished speaking, her eyes seemed to drift towards Elena.

Ryan smiled elegantly and held Elena’s hand. “Let me introduce you. This is my wife, Elena. This is my friend, Amber Thomas.”

Amber had a decent smile on her face as she looked at Elena in front her. “Hello, I am Ryan’s friend. I did not expect that he would already be married after not coming back for two years.”

As she spoke, she extended her hands towards Elena in a friendly manner.

Elena held her hand and smiled. But when Elena shook hands with her, she realized that there were many calluses on this woman’s hands. She could not help but be surprised. This did not look like a young lady’s hand at all.

Realizing that she had lost her composure, Elena came back to her senses. “Yes, it is indeed a little fast.”

Amber very quickly noticed Elena’s unusual behavior and smiled. “Miss Elena, don’t mind. I came out of the army and just retired this year.”

“I didn’t expect that you are a soldier Miss Thomas. No wonder you look so charismatic.” Hearing that she was a soldier, Elena regretted not joining the army the most in her life.

Ryan looked very happy. “I will bring you guys out to eat something today.”

After the three of them went out, they only ordered some food and started to reminisce about old times.

The two of them were free to speak but Elena could not interject. She could only sit by the side in a daze, like a fool sitting by the side.

“I’m going to the washroom.” Elena said sadly.

Unexpectedly Amber also stood up and said with a smile. “I will go with you.”

“Miss Elena seems to want to avoid me.”

“Miss Thomas must be joking. Why would I avoid you?”

Although Elena was unhappy, she did not want to be that kind of unreasonable woman. She did not want to get into trouble because of a female friend of Ryan.

When Amber heard this, she shook her head. “When I was in the army, I specially conquered psychology, so I can guess what Miss Elena was thinking. Ryan and I are only friends, and can only be friends. So Miss Elena needs not to worry at all.”

Amber said as she recalled the bits and pieces of the past few years with Ryan. In the end, she still felt a little reluctant in her heart.

After all, she could let go of all these years of relations just like that?

But the relationship between the two families must be very clear. Businessmen and soldiers must nit support each other. Otherwise, the rules would definitely be messed up.

“Miss Thomas, what’s wrong? Your face is not very good.” Elena saw that her expression had turned bad and said worriedly.

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