Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 124

Chapter 124 Tina’s Scheme

Why did Roman call him so early in the morning? Couldn’t that man digest his food without looking trouble with Ryan?

Elena furrowed her brows when she thought about Roman’s disgusted gaze towards Ryan. If possible, she hoped she could teach that man a good lesson.

Ryan looked at her expression and smiled. He then turned around and left to meet Roman.

Less than ten minutes after Ryan left, a man barged into his office.

Tina saw this and immediately went forward to welcome him. “Director Stone, why did you come down personally? Director Monor went upstairs. He will meet you when he comes down later.

“You all are so arrogant.”

Director Stone’s face was full of disdain. He was just a cripple, how could he overturn the heavens?

“Director Stone, you go in and rest first. Director Monor will come in a while. Director Monor’s secretary is inside. She will entertain you.” Tina had a decent smile on her face, so no one could tell what she was smiling about.

However, when Director Stone walked into Ryan’s office, her politeness turned into malice.

“This Director Stone is a lecherous person. Let’s see how you are going to deal with him this time, Elena.”

Elena, who was tidying up the table, suddenly heard the sound of door open. Ryan came so early?

She turned around and saw an unfamiliar man barged into the office. Elena frowned and with a confused look she asked. “May I ask who you are…”

“I didn’t expect Ryan Monor’s office to be so grand.” Director Stone sat on the sofa with his legs crossed.

“Get me a cup of coffee.”

Elena saw the man’s behavior and guessed that this was the Director Stone Ryan mentioned before.

Although she was dissatisfied, Elena walked out to get a cup of coffee. She brought the coffee and put it in front of Director Stone. “Your coffee.”

Director Stone immediately looked a little impatient, but when he looked up at Elena, he realized that this woman was actually very beautiful.

Such a beauty beside a cripple? It didn’t suit at all.

He reached out to take the coffee. But instead of the cup, he touched Elena’s hand very wretchedly.

Elena was very disgusted and immediately withdrew her hand. “Director Stone, Director Monor, went upstairs. We will talk about cooperation with you later.”

“The contract is not urgent. I didn’t expect Ryan to have such a beautiful woman by his side. That kid’s luck with women is not shallow.” Director Stone took the contract and threw it aside. He stared at Elena with a lustful gaze.

Elena was very unhappy by his stare. “Director Stone, if you are not here to talk about the contract, then I can only ask you to leave.”

“I will talk about the contract later. I just want to chat with you. Why don’t we go out and have a drink?”

As he spoke, he grabbed Elena’s wrist and pulled her to his side.

Elena’s wrist was pulled very hand and she felt painful. She angrily knocked his hand off and said unhappily. “Director Stone, please take care of yourself.”

“What is there to be proud of? Ryan is just a cripple. Am I not comparable to that cripple? If you follow me, I can let you live for the rest of your life without worries.”

The man became even more dishonest and pulled Elena into his arms. His hands started to move around her body randomly.

Elena pushed him away with all her might. She gritted her teeth and roared. “Director Stone, please show some respect. If you dare to come again, I will call for someone. This is the Monor’s Group.”

“You bitch, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. Do you think that Cripple is better than me? You are just Ryan’s secretary. How dare you yell at me here? Do you know who I am?”

Director Stone stared angrily at Elena. He couldn’t believe that there was a person who could reject him for a cripple.

What was that Ryan Monor?

“Who are you?”

At this moment, Ryan’s voice suddenly heard from the door. When he heard what Director Stone said, he asked with a sneer.

Director Stone saw Ryan come in and immediately smiled. “Director Monor, I saw that your secretary was a little disobedient. I want to help you train her.”

“Is that so? Then I really have to thank you.” Ryan’s expression suddenly became cold.

“What’s there to be polite about? We are family. I just want to help Director Monor.”

Director Stone had a smile on his face, but his eyes were looking at Elena.

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