Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 122

Chapter 122 Grandfather’s Selfishness

“What are you two brothers doing again?” Once Roman left, Elena lifted her head and asked Ryan. Actually she had already seen through the clues.

Usually, Roman would deliberately cause trouble in the company because of some official business. But today, he actually came home. This did not seem like Roman’s style.

“It’s just a small matter. Don’t talk about him. Do you know how charming you are now?”

Sometimes, women did not understand men, but men understood men. Roman’s expression just now clearly showed that he was interested in Elena.

Elena lowered her head and looked at herself. She was wearing pink but childish pajamas which was bought by Ryan personally. Her eyes showed confusion. “Charming?”

“Yes, Madam.” Ryan replied with one word.

Elena was speechless. What kind of beauty was this man talking about? It was just a cartoon pajamas, how could it be charming?

Elena yawned and patted the man’s shoulder. She wrapped her hands around his neck and leaned on his chest. “Hurry up, let go to sleep. I still have to go see Grandfather tomorrow morning.”

The next day, Elena came to the coffee shop that she had promised to meet Mason very early in the morning. She did not expect that Mason was already waiting inside.

“Grandfather, I’m sorry. I’m late.” Elena placed her things on the chair and looked at the man who was getting older and older. She felt a little bitter in her heart.

It turned out that no matter who it was, they would not be able to withstand the wave of time.

“I thought that I would come earlier to see you so I came earlier. I didn’t expect that you would also come so early.” Mason called the waiter over and brought Elena coffee.

Elena looked at the latte in front of her and her eyes were a little sour. She did not expect her grandfather to still remember the coffee she liked.

In a trance, more than ten years passed.

“Do you still like to drink latte? When you first drank coffee, I was the one who brought you out. It’s a pity that time doesn’t let you off. I’m also old.”

Elena lowered her head and took a ship of coffee. The familiar taste spread between her lips and teeth. It was as bitter as the suffering she had suffered all these years. “I like it.”

Mason’s eyes also turned red. It was his fault for what happened back then. He should not have blamed his own granddaughter for stealing without reason.

How could such a young child do such a thing when his parents had just gotten into a car accident?

If not for Adeline and Amara confusing him, he would not have let Elena stay outside for five years.

Mason looked at Elena. “Are you still angry with Lewis family?”

“It’s alright. The matter has already passed. I have already forgotten those things.”

Those years, she had suffered a lot of grievances. If her father was not gone, she would not have been angry with her uncle and aunt.

“You’d better not investigate the incident of your parents’ accident.” After a while, Mason slowly spoke.

Elena widened her eyes and put the cup on the table. “Why did grandpa say such things? Could it be that you believe that my father and mother’s matter was an accident?”

There were some things that Mason wasn’t clear about, but so what if they were found out?

If it was really related to Adeline and her family, would they all be sent to prison?

“I’m old now and I often regret it. If I hadn’t made those decisions back then, perhaps your father wouldn’t have been in trouble. But we’re family after all. If you really find out something, what do you want your uncle and aunt to do?”

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