Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 121

Chapter 121 Roman Came to Cause Trouble

Roman didn’t return to his home. Instead, he turned around and went to Ryan’s villa.

At this time, Ryan was holding Elena tightly and both of them were sleeping peacefully.

But who knew that Roman would come looking for them in the middle of the night?

Mrs. Baker heard the doorbell ring and went to the door. She opened the door and Roman barge into the house.

Mrs. Baker saw this and stepped forward to stop him. “Mr. Monor, Young Master and Madam have already fallen asleep. If you have any matters, you should come back tomorrow.”

“Mrs. Baker, although you are now by Ryan’s side, you will not have a good ending if you offend me.”

Roman’s body emitted a pungent smell of alcohol. He looked at Mrs. Baker and said impatiently.

Mrs. Baker silently covered her nose and thought to herself, is this man here to play with alcohol?

Roman ignored Mrs. Baker and continued to barge into the house.

Seeing that Roman still wanted to charge in, Mrs. Baker stopped him again. “Mr. Monor, you should come over tomorrow. They have all rested. It is not appropriate to disturb them so rashly, so…”

“Mrs. Baker, on account of you working at our house before, I do not want to argue with you. If you dare to stop me, I do not mind throwing you out.”

Roman said impatiently. The reason he came here today was to ask Ryan about the matter of Lewis family.

If it wasn’t for Ryan calling him, Amara wouldn’t have known he was at the bar.

“I want to see who dares to throw my men out of my house so brazenly.”

Ryan, who had been resting, heard the noise outside and got up helplessly. He sat in a wheelchair and went to the corner of the stairs. He looked at the man who was making trouble in front of him with impatience in his eyes.

After seeing Ryan, Roman no longer talked nonsense with Mrs. Baker. “Ryan, I am not here to ask you how you handled the matter of Lewis family. Jonathan owed so many gambling debts. Are you really going to make yourself a fool?”

“What I do has nothing to do with you. Don’t forget that I have full authority over the matters in Western Europe. That’s why you don’t have the right to ask me.”

Ryan didn’t give him a good look. This man came to cause trouble in the middle of the night and even threatened to throw Mrs. Baker out.  He really didn’t out him, Ryan Monor, in his eyes.

“Ryan, don’t think that I will let you go just because you have a big contract. The entire company is still mine, Roman Monor’s. All these years, if it wasn’t for my good intentions, you wouldn’t have stayed in Monor family to work. No one in the Monor family wants a person with physical defects to be the president.”

Perhaps it was because he had drunk too much, Roman’ words didn’t even go through his brain.

“Roman, you are feeling inferior because you can’t touch me at all. If it wasn’t for the car accident, do you think you would have been able to take the position of president?”

There were some things that Ryan did not say, but it did not mean that he did not know.

Ryan knew very well what Roman had done over the years. He did not want to fall out with this man because he cared about the reputation of Monor family.


“If you want to continue messing around in my house, I don’t mind getting the security to chase you out. The president of Monor family was accused of trespassing. Entertainment reporters will definitely like it very much.” Ryan threatened.

What this man cared about the most was his own face. Naturally, he would not continue to stay in his house.


At this moment, the bedroom door opened and Elena walked out of the room with sleepy eyes. She was wearing very cute pink pajamas. Her hair was messy and face was flushed red. She looked very adorable in this look.

Roman was stunned when he saw Elena like this. It was probably because of the stimulation of alcohol that Roman felt his body tightened.

“Ryan, why did you suddenly come out? I think I heard a fight outside.”

When Elena suddenly woke up, she found Ryan, who had been sleeping beside her, was nowhere in the room. She then heard weird noises outside.

It was so late at night. There shouldn’t be any guests in the house, right?

But she did hear at fight in the living room, so she came out to take a look.

Elena was talking to Ryan and didn’t pay attention to the man who was standing in the living room.

“You have a beauty in your arms now, and it seems like you don’t have the strength to handle the company’s matters.”

Roman’s eyes were filled with jealousy. He had never been in such a carefree mood like Ryan. He didn’t understand what this Ryan had that made Elena so devoted and sincere towards him.

Looking at his cripple legs, let alone satisfy her physically, he couldn’t even do his own works properly. Then why Elena was so serious about this waste-of-a man?

Only now did Elena notice that there was person in the living room. She looked and found that it was Roman. Elena frowned.

Didn’t this man have any other work other than causing trouble for them?

“What’s there to be envious Big Brother? Big Brother always has a beauty in his arms every day. Why would he care about my wife?”

Ryan pulled Elena into his arms and let her sit on his lap.

Elena was shocked by this sudden action and held Ryan’s neck out of habit.

“What are you doing? You scared me. There are still people present here. Can’t we talk properly?” Elena played with Ryan’s collar and said coquettishly.

Ryan lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “With you around, I don’t care about anyone.”

Seeing the couple being so sweet and intimate, Roman suddenly felt like a clown. He was so angry that he turned around and left while cursing,

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