Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 120

Chapter 120 Amara Caused Trouble

When the two of them returned home, they washed up and went to sleep. Especially Elena, she fell asleep the moment she touched the sheets.

After all, they encountered Roma then were busy in the company, and they had also gone back to Lewis family to extinguish the fire. Both of them indeed very tired.

On the other side, Amara did not sit still. After learning that Roman had gone to the place, he should not have gone, she went crazy looking for Roman.

After searching nearly for 2 hours, she finally found Roman’s figure in a bar.

Roman was surrounded by girls and birds. He was so drunk that he became a pile of mud.

Amara quickly went forward and pulled Roman in her arms. Then she looked at him fiercely. “Don’t you see what kind of person you are? How can you come to this kind of place?”

Then she glared at the women around. “You bitches! You dare to seduce my husband?”

“Who are you? What are you crazy about? We’re just working. Why do you care about us?” One of the women wasn’t a good person, so she immediately retorted.

Roman did not expect Amara to suddenly come here. It seemed that it was because of the phone call just now that Amara became suspicious.

This Ryan was really afraid that the world would not be in chaos.

“Stop messing around. I am talking with them about work. If there is a mistake, can you bear it?” Roman shook her hand off and said impatiently.

Something like that had happened in Lewis family and this woman still had the mood to cause a ruckus here?

It seemed like Amara didn’t put Lewis family in her eyes at all.

“Roman, if it wasn’t for you messing around outside, how could I have come here? I am your fiancée. Are you going to let me down like this?’

“That’s right. There was a slight accident in our family, but it shouldn’t be that you couldn’t bear it. Are you going to abandon me so soon? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll regret in one day?”

When Amara said this, Roman was somewhat clear-headed. What Amara said was right.

The Lewis family had experienced all kind of storms and waves. If the Lewis family really made a comeback… Wouldn’t it be a waste of such a good resource?

Thinking of this, Roman immediately flattered her with a smile. He held Amara’s hand and coaxed her.

“Amara, don’t be angry. Didn’t I say so? We are talking about work. Don’t misunderstand me. Didn’t your father tell me that he wanted to transfer funds? I can give it to him, but I have to talk about this business today…”

Amara looked coldly at the two women beside him. “Then what’s wrong with these women? Don’t think that I’m blind. Is there a need to talk about work here? Roman, you better out away your playfulness. Don’t do whatever you want just because I like you. If I cancel the engagement, your Monor family won’t get any benefit.”

“I’ve already explained it just now. I’m really talking about work with these two women. Since you don’t believe me, I’ll just go back with you, alright? Don’t continue messing around here. We’re all reputable people. If the reporters capture us here, we’ll lose face for two families.”

Roman tried his best to persuade her.

One should know that if Amara went crazy, it would affect the reputation of the two families. Roman would never allow any negative news to happen to him.

Amara also knew the seriousness of this matter, so she didn’t continue to cause trouble. Instead, she pulled Roman and left.

When the two of them walked out of the bar, Roman immediately shook Amara off. “What exactly do you want?”

“I still want to ask you what you want to do. You were in a hurry to find the next house when something happened to our house?” Amara roared angrily.

“I am too lazy to explain to you.” Roman turned around and planned to leave. He did not want to be alone with Amara.

Seeing that Roman was not willing to explain, Amara reminded him. “Lewis family now has the funds to operate. This crisis will be over very soon. I hope you don’t lose the watermelon and pick up the sesame seed!”

Roman did not say anything and started the car and left.

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