Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 119

Chapter 119 In the Name of Elena

“Uncle, I didn’t expect you to have such a hobby.”

Elena looked at Jonathan with disdain. She now finally understood why her great Uncle searched for her in the middle of the night.

He did not need a contract from them. What he needed the most was a large sum of money.

Elena looked at Ryan with a helpless expression. “Forget it. Lend my uncle a sum of money to make up for this hole. After all, the company was my parent’s hard work. I cannot watch it be destroyed.”

If this was not for her parent, she would not even care the life and death of this family.

Ryan looked at Elena, and he turned to look Xavier, who was behind him. “Give me my cheque book.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Xavier obediently went to the car and brought the stuff Ryan told him. He handed it to Ryan. “Mr. Monor, this is the thing you wanted.”

Ryan opened the cheque book and glanced at Jonathan with an interesting expression. He then signed a cheque of 30 million yuan and handed it to Jonathan.

“This money was given to you by Elena. When the time comes, you have to return it in Elena’s name. I will give you three years. If you don’t return the whole money with interest with in the time period, I will take legal means.”

Ryan was a decisive businessman. He of course would not be at a loss.

When Jonathan heard Ryan, he immediately let out a sign a relief. He immediately expressed his gratitude. “I understand. Thank you, Ryan. I will handle this matter properly. I will never let you suffer any losses.”

Ryan looked at Jonathan indifferently. “If you want to thank someone, then thank to your niece. Even though with your good behaviors over the years, she still wants to help you. It is not something everyone could do. So you should be careful with your actions in the future, Mr. Lewis.”

And the end of his sentence Ryan glanced coldly at Amara and Adeline.

What he meant was he was lending Jonathan money just because Elena asked him to do so. And from now on the Lewis family had to be respectful towards Elena. If not, then he also wouldn’t show any mercy.

Jonathan heard these words and lowered his head. Even though he was unwilling, there was something that he had to do.

He looked at Elena. “Thank you, Elena!”

Jonathan never had thought that he would face such a day. If he knew this would happen, he would have never done such a thing back then.

Today’s matter was almost settled. Elena planned to go home and have a good rest. After all, too many things happened today. She did not have the mood to care about this family anymore.

“Elena, wait a moment…”

However, just as Elena and Ryan turned around and about to leave, Mason suddenly called out to Elena from behind.

Elena turned her head in puzzlement. “Grandpa, is there anything else?”

“Let’s find a place to meet tomorrow. We’ve not had a good chat for many years.” Mason’s eyes carried a trace of expectation.

“Let’s meet at the Count’s Café at the city center tomorrow. I’ll wait for you there.” Elena politely and generously agreed.

Seeing that Elena had agreed to his request, he felt relieved and turned around to return to his yard.

Elena watched Mason disappeared in the darkness. She felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. Grandfather must have suffered a lot in these years.

Elena did not pay attention to her uncle’s family. She turned around and left with Ryan.

In the car, Ryan saw Elena with heavy heart and held her hand. “Are you still thinking about what happened just now?”

Elena nodded. “I suddenly feel that grandpa is much older.”

“People will get older.” In Ryan’s eyes, Mason already knew that Jonathan was a useless person. If he continued to hand over the company to him, something would definitely happen.

His might as well put his hope on Elena and Amara.

Elena was lost in her thoughts for a moment. Roman and Amara’s relationship had always been good. Why did Roman choose to stand idly by after something happened to Lewis family?

“What are you thinking?” Ryan noticed her expression and knew that there was definitely something going on in his woman’s head.

Elena looked at Ryan. She asked curiously. “I was thinking why Roman chose to stand by and watch when something happened to Lewis family even when he and Amara have such a good relationship.”

Ryan laughed when he heard her.

“You don’t understand Roman very well. To him, benefits are the most important. What he did was to keep the Lewis family in suspense and make them feel that only he is their guardian.”

Elena felt some pity when she heard this. “Amara has always been proud of her marriage. In Roman’s eyes, it is just a deal. If Amara knew about this, I’m afraid she would be very disappointed.”

She originally thought that although two of them were very arrogant, at least they had true feelings. Now that she thought about it, everything was just a joke.

This made Elena think of Henry and Freya. They had been through hardships together and their feelings were very pure. They would never mix with these benefits.

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