Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 117

Chapter 117 Are You Jealous of Me?

Ryan was very unhappy to see his phone stolen.

“You’d better give me my phone. This is between you two. There’s no reason for you to ask me about it.”

“I’m asking you a question. Where is Roman? If you don’t say it, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

The next second, Amara threw Ryan’s phone onto the ground.

Mason didn’t think that his granddaughter would do such an unreasonable thing. Even if she wanted to ask, she should not have thrown Ryan’s personal belongings.

Furthermore, Ryan did not know about this at all. Why did she have to force him?

Ryan saw that his phone was thrown to the ground. Before he could speak, Elena had already stepped forward and slapped Amara.

“Pa…” A clear sound cut through the night sky.

Amara’s head was hit until it buzzed. She had never been hit before since she was young. “Elena… You…”

Before Amara could finish her words, Elena once again slapped her face.

Elena’s brows tightly knitted together and she went forward to grab Amara’s hair.

“Amara, you have been used to being arrogant these few years. Today, it was you who asked for our help but you still dare to touch my husband. How can you be so shameless?”

“Elena, what do you want to do? Do you want to rebel? She is your elder sister. Quickly let go of her.” Adeline saw this and immediately went forward to pull her daughter back.

Unexpectedly, she was stopped by Mason. “Amara was in the wrong first. You still want to help her?”

Today, he also felt that his eldest granddaughter had indeed gone too far. Although a phone was nothing to them, it was related to a person’s face. This Amara was indeed somewhat unreasonable.

“Dad, are we just going to watch Amara get bullied like this? This Elena was too disrespectful. She doesn’t even know what kind of identity she has to dare to touch my daughter!”

“Alright, shut up. If not for you pampering Amara, how would she have become like today? How would she do such a thing? What Roman wants to do is his own business. Amara and Roman are not married yet. Don’t believe what others say and misunderstand Roman.”

Lewis family needed help right now. They absolutely couldn’t afford to offend the Monor family just like that.

They had originally planned to beg for help. But now that Amara had fallen, all their efforts would be in vain.

Amara’s scalp hurt from being pulled, and she forcefully pushed the woman beside her away.

“Elena, you slut! I will make you die a horrible death!”

“Xavier.” Ryan ordered coldly.

Xavier immediately understood what Ryan meant. He went forward to stop Amara and pushed her to the side.

The people of Lewis family who were standing at the side could only watch silently. They didn’t dare to step forward to speak.

“Ah…” Amara was pushed to the ground and looked at the woman in front of her.

“Elena, what exactly do you want? Are you jealous of me? Are you jealous that I’m going to marry Roman and you had to marry a cripple? That’s why you let Roman go that kind of place. You want to break our relationship, right?”

Elena was stunned by this woman’s question. Why did she have to blame everything on her?

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