Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 116

Chapter 116 Please Help Me

Jonathan slowly looked at his father. Then he looked at Ryan.

“Ryan, I heard you signed a contract with a big company in Western Europe. I want to ask if you can give me some resources.”

Elena had already guessed why her uncle had become so old when she heard this. It seemed that there was indeed some problem with Lewis family’s company. It was only because her uncle was busy that he had become so old.

It was just that Roman and Amara’s relationship was not shallow. Why did they not look for Roman for this kind of thing and had to look for Ryan?

“Uncle, why do you say that?” Ryan leaned back on the chair and asked Jonathan with a faint smile.

“Lewis family has been in a really bad situation recently. There has been a huge financial loophole in their finances, so we need to follow up on a few big cases in order to turn the situation around. Now, only you can help us. Otherwise, the entire Lewis family will really be crippled.”

Jonathan had a pleading look on his face. If this matter could not be solved on time, then his family’s company would close down.

Ryan listened and nodded slowly. “So that’s what uncle meant. But Uncle, don’t forget that I don’t have much power in our family. All power is in my brother Roman’s hands. Your daughter and my brother are in a relationship. I believe for their relationship, my brother will definitely help your family.”

Elena covered her mouth and smiled when she heard that. This man really knew how to shirk responsibility.

Jonathan’s pupils constricted when he heard that. “What did you say? You mean to say that you have no real power in the company. Does that mean only Roman can help me with this cooperation? But just now, I called him. He said that all the resources are in your hands. That’s why he asked me to look for you.”

“Uncle, Roman is the president of the company, and I am just the general manager. Who do you think has more power between the two of us? You should know this better than me, right?”

This was a contract that Elena had worked so hard for a month to sign. How could he let his man casually sign it? Could he take it away with just one sentence? He really did not treat people as people.

“Dad, what are you talking about with him for? This man clearly doesn’t want to help our family. This case was negotiated by Ryan, so all the information is in Ryan’s hands. How could he not have the authority?”

Amara saw the disgusting faces of the couple and felt very annoyed. Could it be that making an elder beg a junior was really that fun?

“Amara, don’t interrupt.” Jonathan placed all his hopes on Ryan. As long as this man could help him, then their family’s company would be saved.

During this period of time, they had been busy dealing with the company’s problems, but they found that the more they dealt with it, the bigger the loophole.

“Uncle, there are some things that don’t need me to explain. I believe you are very clear that the information is indeed in my hands. However, regarding the contract, you must also get my brother’s approval. If you can make my big brother let go of the contract, I can indeed put this contract in your hands.”

“After all, you are my Elena’s uncle. I will definitely help you.”

Ryan had already agreed that as long as Roman agreed, he would be able to complete this task.

However, he did not expect that their faces would become even more solemn when they heard this result.

“If we can make him agree to it, why would we bother to trouble you?”

“How could that be? My brother and Amara have such a good relationship. How could he not go and help you?”

After saying that, Ryan took out his phone and dialed Roman’s number in front of Lewis family’s people.

After the call was connected, there was a mixed sound of music coming from the other side. It sounded like it was from a bar.

After the call was connected, the other party’s tone was very impatient. “Why are you looking for me so late at night?”

“It’s like this, Big Brother. Amara’s father hopes that we can give them some contracts. I have no right in this matter, so I can only ask you. Can you give him some information?”

Hearing Ryan’s words, Jonathan instantly had a glimmer of hope. If Roman had spoken, there might really be room for repayment.

However, Roman became even more impatient.

“You can handle this matter by yourself. How can you give the internal information of our company to other companies? So, you don’t have to bother me with this kind of thing in the future. I clearly told him that it was impossible. Why did he have to find you?”

“Understood. They you can continue your enjoyment.” Ryan hung up the phone, but in the next second, Amara snatched the phone and found that the phone had been hung up.

After that, Amara went forward and grabbed Ryan’s cloths. “What did you mean by that just now? Where is Roman now?”

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