Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 115

Chapter 115 Call from Lewis Family

The two of them were kept laughing in the office. Elena was laughing so hard that even her tears came out of her eyes.

Ryan saw her laughing happily like a child, his mood improved a lot better.

Tina, who was standing outside could not bear it anymore and covered her ears. No matter how much she liked Ryan, she did not want his happiness to be brought by someone else.

Tina finally could not help but take out her phone and call someone. She said something to the other person.

After hanging up the phone, her eyes lit up, as if she was secretly preparing a plot.

At the lunch time, Ryan brought Elena out for lunch. After lunch, they did not return to the company at all.

Seeing Roman so furious today, both of them were very happy and did not want work. So Ryan took Elena out of a stroll.

They first went to a movie, then move around the city and had a romantic dinner.

When Elena and Ryan returned home, it was already 7 PM.

“Sir and Madam, why are you guys so late today?” Mrs. Baker served two cups of freshly brewed tea to the two of them.

“The two of us were happy today. We had a big business deal, so we ate some food outside. We even brought you a lot of delicious food.”

After saying that, Elena brought back some fresh food that she had packed in her hands. She handed them to Mrs. Baker. “The steak in this restaurant is not bad. We will go out and eat together in a while.”

“I don’t need it. In the future, if you two are happy and want to eat outside, just let me know. I don’t need to prepare dinner for you.”

Seeing the happy couple, Mrs. Baker was also very happy. She felt that their happiness was more important than anything else.

“I will go upstairs to take a shower first.” Elena walked upstairs but just as she turned the corner of the second floor, Elena’s pone suddenly rang and the sudden ringtone shocked Elena.

“It’s grandpa.” Elena took out her phone and looked at the caller ID.

“Pick it.” Ryan reminded her to quickly pick up.

“Hello, why did grandpa call me so late at night?” Elena’s tone was gentle and her voice was also extremely sofa.

“Elena, you have been busy with the company’s matters during this period of time and did not have time to return home. Come back and see grandpa today.” Mason’s tone was no different from usual. It sounded like a grandfather was concerned about his granddaughter.

Elena looked at the time. It was already past seven o’ clock in the evening. It was already dark during this season.

Something must have happened to the Lewis family. That was why they were in such a hurry.

Ryan saw that Elena’s expression was not right. He took the phone from Elena and turned on the speaker and heard Mason speak slowly. “I feel a little uncomfortable during this period of time, so I wanted to call you back to take a good look at you.”

Elena looked at Ryan. She was waiting for his response.

Ryan nodded, and Elena casually agreed. “Alright, I will go back now.”

“By the way, ask Ryan to come back with you.”

Elena originally wanted to ask if she should bring Ryan back, but she did not expect her grandfather to be the first to speak. This somewhat stunned Elena.

“Alright, Grandpa.”

After finished speaking, the two of them left the villa, heading towards Lewis family.

On the way, Elena looked at the man beside her. “Why do I keep feeling like… It is already so late but Grandpa still wants me to go back. Is there something wrong with Lewis family?”

“Something must be wrong with something unusual. Even if we were to make wild guesses here, it wouldn’t help at all. We will know what exactly happened once we arrive at the Lewis family.”

In Ryan’s opinion, it was not as simple as wanting to see Elena. Mason would never give Elena a call so late at night.

When the car arrived at the door of Lewis family, Elena saw their family standing at the door, as if they were waiting for them.

Elena looked at Ryan and said. “Even when I went back to the Lewis family, it did not seem like there was such a large line up. It seems like they have something to ask to us.”

“No wonder they called you back so late. It seems like your grandfather is also with them.”

Ryan was now sure that their family indeed had something to ask Elena and him. Otherwise, they would definitely not have come to welcome them.

Seeing the two of them get off the car, Mason took the lead and went forward. “The two of you are back. Quickly come in. It is late and I still call the two of you over. It is indeed a little troublesome.”

“What is grandfather talking about? A family doesn’t talk about troubles. Since you have called as to come back, we will definitely come back no matter how late it is. It’s just that I don’t know why you called us at a time like this. Did something happen?”

Ryan wasn’t a fool. If he really went in, he was afraid that he would really agree to their request.

So there are some things that are better to ask at the door. If you want to refuse, you can turn around and leave.

After all, this family only cared about benefits. Naturally, they would not let them go so easily.

Mason just smiled awkwardly and looked at Jonathan who was standing behind him. “I have already called the person here. Tell me what you want to know.”

Mason’s expression was very ugly. His tone was very serious, as if something happened to Jonathan.

Ryan and Elena turned their eyes to Jonathan. This man had become so old after not seeing him for a few days.

“Little Uncle, what’s going on? Why do I feel like you have become so old in just a few days? Tell me what happened.” Elena saw Jonathan like this and forcefully held back the joy in her heart. Her tone was full of concern.

“Sigh…” Jonathan sighed.

“If you have something to say, say it quickly. Don’t put on airs here.” Mason reminded him once again. “Since everyone has been called over, and they already know that something must have happened, just tell them the truth. There is no need to do this anymore.”

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