Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 113

Chapter 113 A Powerful Company

Elena turned around and looked at him in confusion.

He seemed to be very serious and nervous…

Ryan took a deep breath. He looked at her seriously as he opened his mouth. “Elena… Actually I want to tell you that I… I…”

Knock! Knock!

A sudden knock on the door interrupted Ryan’s words.

“Young Master, Madam, breakfast is ready. Are you coming downstairs or I will bring it upstairs for you?” Mrs. Baker’s voice could be heard afterwards.

Ryan looked at Elena with a complicated expression, then at the door of the room. “We will come down soon.”

As Ryan finished speaking, Elena quickly got out of the bed and ran towards the bathroom as she spoke. “I will massage your legs after coming back.” Then she entered into the bathroom.

Ryan looked at her back and fell into a deep thought. He was conflicted about this matter. There were two voices in his mind which was fighting over this matter.

One was telling him to continue pretending in front of Elena so that she would not be in any danger because of him.

But the other one was telling him to confess everything in front of her and not to hide anything.

For a moment, he was confused which he should choose.

Elena quickly came from the bathroom after washing up. When she came out, she saw Ryan was already sitting on the wheelchair.

She quickly came to his side and squatted down. “Why did you get off from the bed? I am going to massage your legs.”

This time she really made a mistake. If it was other couple, kicking the other person was simply not counted as a mistake.

But their case was different. Ryan was different from others. She had to be more careful in future.

Ryan looked at her, suddenly smiled. He said somewhat mischievously, “I really didn’t expect my little wife to care about me so much.”

“Of course. I am your wife. If I don’t care about you, then who do you expect me to care?” Elena pouted.

These words warmed Ryan’s heart. He reached out and hugged her tightly without saying a word. He was not an emotional person. But every time her words somehow touched the deepest part of his heart.

He couldn’t even imagine his life with her.

Despite of Elena’s continues request Ryan didn’t let her massage his legs and brought her directly to the dining table to eat breakfast.

In the end, Ryan didn’t tell her about his secret. After the breakfast, both of them went to the company together.

After going to the company, Elena and Ryan arrived at the company’s president’s office and stood in front of Roman.

Roman was so busy that he had a headache. When he saw the two of them, he looked up unhappily. “What are you two doing here? Have you completed the task I gave you?”

Ryan handed the document in his hand to Roman. “No, there are loopholes in the case that you gave us. This is not a contract that can be signed.”

Roman had been troubled by the problem that Ryan had left behind. Naturally, he felt angry. Now that he heard that Ryan still hadn’t signed the contract, he naturally wouldn’t let it go just like that.

Roman threw the document on the table. “This is your attitude towards me. You have wasted this month of time. I gave you three months’ time. A third of the time has passed. Are you here to tell me that you can’t sign this contract? Is this your ability to work?”

Roman was furious. He even had the thought of killing this man. When he thought about how this man had left him with such a big problem, Roman was filled with anger.

Ryan stopped talking and let Roman go crazy in the office. People outside looked up at the office and whispered to each other.

This was not the first time. Even since Roman became the president of the company, he had taught Ryan a lesson and scolded him mercilessly.

“What’s going on? The CEO and the ex. CEO were arguing again? Why are there so many things between the two brothers?”

“You’re new here, of course you don’t know. A senior official can crush a person to death. Even if they’re brothers, it’s impossible for them to communicate with each other.”

“You’re right. One mountain cannot allow two tigers to exist, so you absolutely won’t allow your position to be remembered by others. Even if Ryan is the general manager of our company, he is still a person who doesn’t have any real power. Therefore, the reason he’s here is to take care of the Monor family’s face.”

They had been working here for a long time. Therefore, they naturally knew what was going on. On the surface, Ryan and Roman looked harmonious, but their private relationship had long become like water and fire.

If there were any troublesome cases, Roman would throw them to Ryan. Although it was called training, it was actually to let the later leave Monor family’s company as soon as possible.

“If that’s the case, why do the two of them continue to fight like this? Wouldn’t it be fine if the two of them just reconciled? Anyway, it’s all for the company.”

“Both of them want to take the lead in the company. And this position can only be occupied by one person. So who do you think will be sitting in this position?”

“Actually, after hearing what you said, I feel that Ryan is actually more powerful. If it wasn’t for his crippled legs, I’m afraid that the Monor family would have become even more powerful.”

“If that’s the case, you can just tell us about it. If these words were to spread to Roman’s ears, you will suffer. Not only will you not continue to work in this industry, I’m afraid that no one in the country would dare to take you in.”

Although this was the truth, none of them dared to say it out loud. After all, the company belonged to Roman now. If there were any problems, all of them could only go home and bite themselves.

Ryan, who was inside, saw Roman’s hot temper and laughed out loud. “Wife, do you think Big Brother is acting on impulse?”

“What do you mean? It’s your fault that your ability is not up to standard. Do you still want to blame me?” When Roman saw Ryan’s expression, he felt a fire burning in his heart.

“President, you are now blaming Ryan indiscriminately. Do you not know what is going on with that document? If you break that document, I can’t guarantee that I can sign a second contract for you.” Elena said reminded him from the side with a cold expression.

Roman did not understand what the two of them meant, but he still picked up the contract on the table. When he opened it, he was completely shocked. He did not expect this man to sign a contract with a foreign company.

This was the number one company in the world. If they could sign a contract with their company, their Monor family would also rise a few levels.

“President, the contract you asked us to sign is indeed hard to accept, so we chose a better contract to sign. I don’t know if you are satisfied with this contract. President, if you satisfied, then you can accept this document. If you are not satisfied, then the contract will be voided.”

Elena’s tone was full of provocation, but Roman could not say anything.

However, Roman had to take her words seriously. Signing a contract with King Company was the dream of all companies. How could it be invalid?

But the partner written on the contract was Ryan. Was he going to hand over all the work in the contract to Ryan just like that?

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