Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 112

Chapter 112 Please Don’t Hate Me

When it finished, Elena was so tired that she could not even open her eyelids anymore.

Both of them seemed to go crazy tonight.

Ryan was also no better than her. He was also exhausted.

Because he was still acting as cripple in front of Elena, he needed to pay special attention that his legs didn’t move much.

But no matter how much he tried, he could not restrain himself much in that critical moment.

Fortunately, Elena was not paying attention to his legs. Otherwise, his secret would be revealed long ago.

Elena didn’t even open her eyes and leaned against Ryan’s body. She moved a little then found a comfortable position and slept peacefully.

Last month, she had been running around in Western Europe. It took her a lot of effort to sign a contract from that Leonardo Reynolds.

In fact, she was really tired before and now she felt that all of her life’s energy had been drained out of body. So the moment she closed her eyes, she fell asleep.

Tonight was the most peaceful night, Elena had after a long time. She even had a beautiful dream.

In her dream, she and Ryan lived a peaceful life together. They even had a baby. Ryan was sitting in a wheelchair, holding their baby in his lap and playing. There was a happy smile hung on his lips.

Looking at that happy smile, Elena could not help but smile in her sleep. Her only hope was that Ryan could be happy in his life.

And for his happiness, she could do anything.

The next morning.

The golden sunlight was shown in the room through the window making the whole room bright.

A man and a woman was sleeping on the king sized bed, hugging each other tightly.

Ryan slowly opened his eyes. He blinked a few times before concentrating his sight.

He turned his head and looked at the person who was sleeping soundly in his arms.

Elena was wearing a thin nightgown. Her long eyelashes were like two small fans, casting two small shadows on her cheeks. Her cheeks were flushed red because of the warmth of the quilt.

She was hugging him very tightly just like a little Koala hugging a tree. Almost all of her body was over his body and she buried her little head on his chest. She looked very cute in this posture.

Ryan looked at her face for a long time before he couldn’t control himself and bent over to kiss her.

He kissed her eyes, little nose, cheeks. He paused at her lips, gently caressed then kissed her passionately.

Probably, because of his actions, the person in his arms moved a little.

Elena opened her sleepy eyes, yawned and looked around. Her mind was blank and she looked a little confused.

“Good morning, Wife.” Ryan smiled and kissed her forehead.

Hearing the voice, Elena raised her head and met with a pair of deep eyes. She smiled and greeted him back. “Good morning.”

“Did you sleep well?” Ryan looked at her dotingly.

“Yes.” Elena answered and looked around. Only then, she realized that they were in a very ambitious posture now.

Her whole body was over Ryan’s body. Her legs were around his legs and hands were on his waist. She was totally pressing him down.

Elena’s face turned red and she quickly wanted to move from his body but was stopped by Ryan.

Ryan pulled Elena, causing her stick to his body and smiled seductively. “Don’t move. Sleep a little more. You must be tired from last night.”

Elena could not help but blush when he mentioned about last night. She struggled to move from his body. But the more she struggled, the more tightly Ryan held her. “Still want to try?”

At last Elena could not help but admit defeat and begged Ryan. “Ryan! We still have to go to the office.” She didn’t want to do it again in the early morning.

Looking at her expression, Ryan laughed loudly. She looked very cute.

Elena got embarrassed and angry from his laughter and kicked Ryan on his leg.

Elena did not kick very hard. Not to mention about pain but it could not be even counted as a kick. But Ryan seemed to be in a mood of teasing her today. So he deliberately let out a soft cry as if he was in pain from her kick.

Hearing his cry, Elena got nervous and anxious. “Are you alright? Does it hurt? I didn’t do it purpose!”

His legs were not good, how could she kick his leg! Although she didn’t kick too hard, but it could still be painful for him.

He was already so sad about the matter of his legs and now he would be even more sad thinking that she was looking down on him.

What if he took this matter to his heart and hated her?

Thoughts passed through Elena’s mind, which made her more anxious and uncomfortable.

Thinking about all this, Elena could not help but burst into tears as she held Ryan tightly.

“I’m sorry, Ryan! It is my fault. I was careless. I shouldn’t have kicked you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me!”

Ryan was stunned. He sat up from bed and held her tightly as he hurriedly explained. “Elena, I was teasing you just now. I didn’t feel any pain at all. Please don’t cry.”

Ryan didn’t expect the situation to turn like this. He just wanted tease her but Elena took it seriously.

“No! I am sorry. I will be more careful in future. Please don’t hate me!”

The thing she scared the most in the world was Ryan would hate her. She had already lost everyone she loved in her life. Now that she finally got Ryan, she didn’t want to lose him at any cost.

Ryan frowned when he listened to her words. He held her face and looked at her seriously as he spoke. “Why would I hate you? I will never hate you. The thing I will do at the very last in my life is to hate you!

Hearing this, Elena looked at Ryan with tears in her eyes. Looking at his serious expression, Elena knew he was not joking. Only then she felt relieved and stopped crying.

Elena sniffed and buried her head in Ryan’s chest as she spoke. “I will massage your legs.”

But there was something else going on in Ryan’s mind.

Since the day Elena married to him, she always treated him with all her heart and took him as her main priority.

She never hated him because of his disability, even fought with others for his respect.

She was always cautious about his matters. And she never made him feel like he had any disability.

But he had been lying and deceiving her from the beginning!

Just now how she reacted because she thought that she had hurt him had proved that how much she loved him but he was still deceiving her.

This made Ryan very much guilty towards Elena.

Ryan looked at Elena with complicated eyes, and then made a decision.

He took a deep breath, and hold Elena’s hand as the later was about to go out of the bed.

“Elena, I want to tell you something.”

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