Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 108

Chapter 108 Returning to China

When Leonardo heard Elena’s words, he paused for a moment and looked up. “Is your husband really good to you?”

“Of course. In this world, no one will treat me like him. So I must treat him better.”

“I remember that your husband is a cripple for rest of his life. And he also doesn’t seem to have any real power. Don’t you dislike him?”

Leonardo narrowed his eyes, as if he was confirming this woman’s thoughts.

Elena heard this and sneered. “I didn’t expect Mr. Leonardo Reynolds to be a layman too. So what if my husband’s legs are lame? His head is not crippled. If it wasn’t because he was schemed against by someone, how could he have fallen to this state? I must help my man fulfill his wish.”

Sometimes, Elena was also thinking about why Ryan had to suffer so much. Perhaps this was the jealousy of the heavens. Who asked him to be such a perfect man?

“No matter what that fact that your husband is a cripple can’t be changed. I can understand you must feel pity for him. That’s why you have been working so hard.” Leonardo said with a probing tone.

“Enough! Mr. Reynolds, you can say whatever you want to say about me, but you can’t say anything bad about my husband. He is my pride. And no man in this world is as good as him, not even you!”

Elena was very dissatisfied with this man’s words. How could a person be so mean? In her heart, Leonardo couldn’t even comparable to a single hair of Ryan.

Hearing her words, Leonardo sighed, “I didn’t expect Miss Elena and her husband to have such a good relationship. Please go back and tell him that I have signed this contract.”

After saying that, Leonardo stood up and left without looking back. Nobody knew if he was happy or angry at this moment.

Elena’s eyes reddened as she looked at the contract in her hands. She originally thought that she would not be able to take this contract from Leonardo.

Finally, all the hard work she had put in during this period of time was worth it.

When she returned to the hotel, she saw Jasper was pacing back and forth at the door of her room.

Elena walked over and hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Why are so anxious?”

“Madam, where did you go just now? I’ve been looking for you for a long time. If anything happens to you, how should I explain it to the young master?”

Jasper was really worried. She was unfamiliar with this place. If something were to happen to her, their young master would definitely skin him alive.

“Our efforts these days weren’t in vain. We can go back now. Jasper, hurry up and book the flight back to the country. What if they go back on their word and snatch our contract?” Elena held the contract in her arms like a treasure.

Jasper smiled. “Madam, who do you think Leonardo Reynolds is? Once he decides on something, it will not change.”

“That’s right. Hey wait! Don’t tell Ryan about this. I plan to give him a surprise.” Elena smiled like a child and told Jasper.

Looking her being happy like a child, Jasper also smiled and nodded. “Ok, Madam.”

The two of them packed their luggage and set off.

After returning to the country, Jasper looked at Elena and asked. “Madam, where are we going first?”

Elena glanced at her watch. It is about 11.30 in the morning. Ryan must be at the company right now.

“Let’s go to the company first.”

About half an hour later, they reached at the company. Elena unbuckled her seat belt and ran into the company.

She went straight to Ryan to office. But there was nobody inside. Elena frowned and looked around the office but still did not see Ryan.

Coming out of the office, she bumped into Tina who was coming in this direction.

“Where did Ryan go?”

“Sister-in-law, when did you come back?”

“I just came back. Where did your cousin go?”

Tina stammered and could not come up with an explanation. “Sister-in-law, please don’t misunderstand. Although I don’t know where my cousin went, he will definitely not do anything that will let you down.”

Elena raised her eyebrows and sneered. “The more you say this, the more it will cause me to guess. Tina, did you do it on purpose?”

“Sister-in-law, I’m sorry…” Tina lowered her head, her eyes were filled with tears.

Elena was speechless, seeing her shamelessness.

“Now that your cousin is not here, there is no need for you to pretend to be pitiful in front of me. You can confuse anyone with these tears of yours but not me. So don’t act like this in front of me in the future.”

“I am just asking you where Ryan went. Did you see him?”

What was there to pretend to be pitiful for? Everyone was a woman, so who didn’t know who was who?

In front of Ryan, she could totally demonstrate her weakness. Now, there was no one else to see her pitiful show.

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