Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 107

Chapter 107 Beat up the Neltharion

Elena actually missed Ryan a little at this moment. In the past, he would also have failed in negotiations and refused. He must have felt very bad at the time, right?

“Mr. Leonardo, please wait a moment.” Elena quickly dialed Ryan number.

The phone rang for a long time, but it didn’t get through. Elena furrowed her brows tightly.

“Damn it, did he go on a date with Tina?”

But what she did not know was a man was holding his phone tightly in his pocket, not letting it ring.

Elena angrily threw the phone to the side. “Do you want to sign or not? I am not in the mood now.”

After saying that, she pulled Jasper out of the office.

Leonardo slowly let out a breath. “It was so close.”

A few days later, Elena entered the company again but was stopped.

“Miss Elena, our CEO prohibited you from entering the company. Please go back.”

“What? Why?”

“That’s our CEO’s decision. Please go back.”

Elena was a little upset and looked dejected. “It’s all my fault. If it wasn’t for my own impulsive actions, he wouldn’t have ignored us.”

She really regretted her actions on that day? Who told her to talk to that Leonardo in that way? Now he even did not want to see her.

“Madam, this matter isn’t your fault. It was that man who kept changing his mind. We couldn’t figure him out at all. But if we continue to wait like this, there will be even less of a chance.” Jasper advised from the side.

He had seen all of Elena’s hard work during this period. If it wasn’t for Elena, they wouldn’t have been able to see Leonardo.

“Now, we can’t even see him. This time, it’s really going to be a failure.” Elena sighed.

“Do you think Leonardo is deliberately hiding from us? If we wait any longer, Roman will really chase Ryan out of the Monor family.”

Elena lowered her head. She really looked sad.

Jasper could not bear to see her like this. “Madam, let’s go back to the hotel first. Then we’ll think about a way to deal with him.”

Elena nodded in agreement. But just as Elena was about to return to the hotel with Jasper, she saw Leonardo’s figure.

Elena slowed down her pace and let Jasper return to the hotel first. Then she quickly followed behind Leonardo and Michelle. She followed them into the company through the side door.

“This man wears a mask every day. Could it be because he looks too ugly?” Elena whispered.

“Miss Elena, why are you here?”

Elena was hiding at the door and observing Leonardo. But she did not expect Michelle to see her.

It was already too late. So there was no need to hide anymore.

Elena looked at Michelle, then took off her coat and put it on Michelle’s body. She then gave him a good beating.

“Ah, spear me! Spear me! Ah…!”

Michelle was caught off guard by Elena’s sudden move. He could not see anything because Elena’s coat was wrapped around his head. So he could only shout and ask for mercy.

This woman was too fierce!

Leonardo, who was in the office, listened to these noises. This sound seemed to be Michelle’s. He frowned, got up and walked to the door.

He happened to see Elena beating Michelle up. Leonardo was stunned to see the scene in front of him.

“Miss Elena…”

When Elena saw that Leonardo come out, she rolled her sleeves went forward and kicked him hard on his thigh. Then she went forward and gave him a good beating.

“Miss Elena, please stop. This is King. You can’t behave atrociously here.” Michelle went forward and pulled Elena away.

“What can King do? What does it have to do with me? Now, my husband’s power is about to be lost. How would I have the mood to care about that?”

“Miss Elena, please don’t use such an extreme method to force me to sign the contract. If I say that, I don’t want to sign no one could force me.”

“Alright, at most we’ll die together!”

After saying that, she pulled Leonardo into the office. She did not know where she got so much strength from, but she threw him to the window.

Seeing the Elena being so fierce, Leonardo gritted his teeth and said, “Miss Elena, I don’t hit woman but it doesn’t mean that I will endure if  someone make a move against me.”

“I don’t care even if you threaten me. Leonardo Reynolds, today is the last day of your life!” As Elena spoke, she raised her hand and punched Leonardo’s face.

Due to sudden friction, the mask on Leonardo’s face began to torn off.

Leonardo saw that his mask was about to be torn, so he had no other option but to compromise. “Forget it, forget it. I will sign the contract to your company.”

“What if you regret it after I leave? I don’t believe you. You must sign it now.” Elena’s eyes widened after she listened to Leonardo’s words. She looked very cute in that posture.

Leonardo had no choice but to let Michelle draw up a contract and sign it on it.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Reynolds to like this method.” After Leonardo signed the contract, Elena smiled and bowed to Leonardo, which was a huge contrast to her previous condition.

Michelle was stunned. “Miss Elena, were you pretending just now?”

“Sometimes, we still need to pretend. If I can’t sign this contract, my husband and I will be starving. So, no matter what, I have to sign this contract.”

Thinking about how Ryan treated her so well, Elena became even more determined.

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