Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 106

Chapter 106 Aren’t You Afraid that I’ll Poison You?

Elena talked to Ryan a little more before hanging up the phone. She laid on the bed to rest.

She had given Leonardo a lot of snacks in the past month. But she didn’t know if he was liking it or not.

The next day, Elena followed Jasper to Leonardo’s company. They went straight to Leonardo’s office.

Leonardo seemed to be waiting for them for a long time. “I wonder what Miss Elena sent me today.”

Elena smiled mysteriously and placed the gift box in front of Leonardo. “Mr. Reynolds, just open it and take a look.”

Leonardo opened the box with a trace of curiosity. A rich milk fragrance assailed his nose.

Inside the box was a small and exquisite cake. The flowers on it looked like lifelike.

This time, Leonardo tasted a mouthful of cake in front of Elena. The pastry taste was exceptionally fresh and delicious. Leonardo genuinely praised, “Miss Elena’s craftsmanship is superb.”

The corners of Elena’s mouth curled into an evil smile.

“Don’t tell me Mr. Reynolds is not afraid that I’ll poison him?”

After Elena finished speaking, Jasper, who was on the side, was shocked. “Madam…”

“Mr. Leonardo Reynolds, as long as you sign this document, I can give you the antidote.”

Elena took the document from Jasper, who was behind her with his eyes widened and placed in front of Leonardo. She was not afraid that Leonardo would be angry.

Michelle, however, couldn’t stay calm anymore. He spoke anxiously, “Miss Elena, do you know…”

“No need to say anymore.” Leonardo interrupted Michelle’s word, stood up and smiled at the woman in front of him.

“Miss Elena is indeed a smart woman. But will I die from the poison immediately? Or it will take some time to react in my body?”

“Why don’t I wait till it starts to react? I don’t believe Miss Elena will be so cruel to me.” Leonardo was not in a hurry to sign a contract. He spoke unhurriedly and looked at the woman in front of him with amusement.

“Mr. Leonardo Reynolds, you better sign the contract as soon as possible. After all, there is not much time left. If you die from the poison…”

“Even if I die from the poison, you won’t be able to escape from here. At that time, not only will you not be able to sign the contract, you will also lose your life.”

Leonardo interrupted her words. This woman’s little trick had been seen through with just a glance.

“You…” Elena stuttered.

“It seems like the time has come. I did not have any consequences. It seems like Miss Elena did not want me to die.” Leonardo leaned back on the chair, but his face under the mask was full of smiles.

Elena saw that her lie had been seen through and did not continue to pretend. “Mr. Leonardo is really smart. It seems that these little tricks are not enough to confuse you.”

Elena too the contract back. Leonardo was indeed a person who had seen a lot of things. He wouldn’t be threatened at all.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Leonardo replied without hesitation.

Elena looked at Jasper, hoping he could say something.

Jasper looked at Leonardo and said, “Mr. Reynolds, I don’t know if I could say something. “

“Don’t say what you should not say.” Leonardo said coldly, not giving Jasper any face.

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