Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 105

Chapter 105 Trying to Seduce in the Video

Leonardo looked at the exquisite desserts and gave Elena a thumbs up in his heart. After all, there were very few women who knew how to make desserts now.

For the next few days, Leonardo kept receiving the desserts from Elena.

In the CEO’s office, Michelle looked unhappy. Recently, the CEO’s appetite had clearly increased. It was all Elena’s fault.

Busy until the end of the month, Elena dialed Ryan’s video number in the hotel.

“How is the company doing during this period of time? Did Roman make things difficult for you?”

“No, he can’t even take care of himself now. How could he have the time to cause trouble for me?” Ryan sat in the wheelchair and looked at Elena with love.

Elena was relieved when she heard Ryan say this.

“Cousin, I brought you the documents.” Tina’s annoying voice came from the video. She was so tired that she could squeeze out water.

Elena’s face instantly turned black.

Ryan looked at Tina coldly. “Put the things here. You can go out now.”

“Cousin, during this period of time when you are not at the company, I have made a summary of my work during this period of time. Help me take a look.” Tina went forward and half of her body entered the video screen.

In the video, Tina entered half of her body randomly. It looked like she was lying on Ryan’s body.

However, Ryan was not in the company during this period of time. Then where did he go?

Ryan frowned. “You can go out first. I still have things to do. I will put the feedback on your table in the afternoon.”

Ryan was obviously chasing her away. But Tina did not want to let him go.

“Cousin, why do you always ignore me?” Her voice was choked with sobs.

“You did not do anything wrong. I am working now and do not have time to deal with your matters. Do you understand?”

“Cousin, I’m sorry. I just want to be as capable as sister-in-law. When the time comes, I can go on a business trip for you.”

Tina wiped her tears as she spoke. To Elena, this was simply a green tea.

“Cousin, I know that you want to share your cousin’s worries but I have a lot of work experience so naturally I can handle it with ease. You have just entered the sect and you should do your job first.”

When Tina heard Elena’s voice, she jumped in shock and panic. “Sister-in-law, please don’t misunderstand. There is nothing between me and cousin.”

“I saw it all just now. There is no need for you to explain it to me. Hurry up and go out and work properly. My husband and I still have something to say, so it is not convenient to display affection in front of you.”

Elena’s tone was extremely cold and Tina knew she could not stay anymore so she left.

Ryan saw Elena’s expression and could not help but laughed out loud.

Elena was a little angry, “You still have the mood to laugh. Do you really like this feeling of being surrounded by stars?”

“I just like to see my wife get jealous. This proves that my wife has me in her heart.” Ryan said shamelessly.

Hearing his words, Elena blushed.

“He still hasn’t decided to sign the contract?” Ryan asked.

“Jasper and I have been fighting a war of attrition recently. I think it will be effective soon. If it doesn’t work, I will use some extreme methods, but you can rest assured that I will not embarrass you.”

“Oh? Does my little wife have a better idea?” Ryan probed.

“Everything is under my control. You don’t need to worry.”

“Alright. If things don’t go smoothly, you have to tell me. I’ll help you deal with it.” Ryan comforted him.

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