Bride of the Mysterious CEO chapter 104

Chapter 104 Why are You so Insincere?

Elena and Jasper took the desserts and went to Leonardo’s company. It was still the grand meeting room from yesterday.

Elena took a small piece of cake for Jasper before Leonardo come in. “You didn’t eat it just now. Have a taste. It tastes pretty good.”

“Madam, this…” Jasper was embarrassed. If Master knew, wouldn’t he kill him?

“There is no Madam here. You just need to eat.”

Jasper could not refuse her so he took a bite. With just a bite, his eyes lit up and he gave her thumbs up. The taste was comparable to Michelin chef. His Master was so lucky to be able to eat such delicious food every day!

Jasper was still eating when Leonardo suddenly walked in. Jasper was caught off guard and choked. He started to cough violently.

There was displeasure in Leonardo’s eyes. “Miss Elena said she would give me delicious food, but she gave it someone else to eat. Why is she so insincere?”

“Mr. Leonardo, of course I made this for you. How could I not be sincere? There are a lot of snacks. You will not be able to finish them all by yourself. You cannot waste them.”

Elena did not expect Leonardo to suddenly come in and felt a little awkward.

“Miss Elena is saying that it is a waste to give these things to me to eat?” Leonardo leaned on the chair and looked completely different from yesterday.

“Of course not…” Elena smiled awkwardly and pushed the box in front of Leonardo. “Why don’t you try it? We won’t talk about work today. We will only talk about delicious food. How about it?”

Pieces of exquisite pastries looked very delicious.

Michelle quietly swallowed his saliva and tried the truth. Leonardo looked at it indifferently and did not have any intention of eating it.

“This kind of cake can be made by any chef. I really can’t tell what good Miss Elena’s cooking is.”

“This is Eastern cuisine. It’s different from European cuisine. Mr. Leonardo really doesn’t want to try it?”

Elena looked at the man in front of her and had a small plan in her heart. Perhaps it was also a way to raise this man’s stomach.

“Eating other people’s sweetness of mouth and using them to show mercy, Miss Elena is indeed quick-witted.” Leonardo was unmoved.

Elena, “…” She could not remain calm anymore. This man was really cautious. Was he afraid that she would poison the pastry?

“Mr. Leonardo does not dare to eat it?” Elena had a smile on her mouth, and her eyes were full of provocation.

“Provoking me is useless. You can keep this box of desserts for yourself.” Leonardo put the pastry back in front of Elena.

Elena looked at it, then smiled and handed it to Leonardo again.

“It was just a joke just now. Mr. Leonardo, please don’t mind. The pastry has been delivered. It is not convenient for the two of us to disturb you anymore, so we will take our leave first.”

After leaving the conference room, Jasper still had a confused expression on his face. Didn’t they say they were going to talk about work? Why did he leave before he could say anything?

“Madam, why don’t you take the opportunity to talk about signing the contract again?”

“Leonardo Reynolds, that old fox, would never believe us, so we can’t be anxious. We still have time. If we eat other people’s words, they will be soft on us. Anyway, we have already given them away. regardless of whether he eats it or not we’ll just treat it as him eating it.”

Elena’s face revealed a proud smile.

In the meeting room.

Leonardo picked up a piece of pastry and put it into his mouth. The familiar taste instantly spread throughout his taste buds.

Michelle smacked his lips. “Sir, can you give me a piece?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Leonardo instantly revealed a fierce look and glared over.

Michelle was shocked and hurriedly covered his face. “I suddenly remembered that I still have a pile of work to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

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