Always Been Yours Chapter 1460

“Thank you, Greg.” Tessa smiled gently at her son before lowering her head to drink water. Nicholas stood next to them, and his eyes were gentle as he watched their interaction. Then, he instructed his son, “Stay here and take care of Mommy. I’ll go buy some food for her.”

“Daddy, you can go. I’ll take good care of Mommy.” Greg nodded obediently. Not long after, Nicholas returned with a bowl of chicken soup and fed it to Tessa himself. She felt a bit embarrassed but had no choice since both her hands were injured and wrapped up like a mummy.

Greg leaned on her arm the whole time. He was obviously still frightened from what had happened, although the situation was not as perilous as the previous car accident. In fact, Tessa noticed this and allowed the little one to cling to her.

Tessa felt far better after eating. So, she finally had the energy to start recalling what happened on the day of the incident and became curious. “Have you found out who kidnapped me?”

“I did, but…” Nicholas stopped short of telling her the truth. “But what?” she pressed.

“But, well, you would never guess who it was,” his eyes were dark as he replied. This made her frown and ponder who else would have wanted her dead.

She believed that she did not have any deep- seated enemies during her time abroad except for Susan.

“Is it Susan?” she guessed but then thought it was unlikely. However, she did not expect him. to nod and then shake his head. “It is her, but again, it isn’t her.”

Tessa was confused at his answer. She was just about to get clarification from him when she heard him continue, “Do you remember Kathleen?”

Of course, she remembered Kathleen. Not only did Kathleen want to harm her child, but she almost killed Nicholas. She just did not understand why Nicholas would bring up this person. After all, Kathleen was already dead.

He noticed the bewilderment in her eyes and proceeded to explain to her while a splash of coldness flashed across his eyes, “She didn’t die. In fact, she is Susan.”

Tessa stared at Nicholas in utter shock. “Wait, you said Susan is Kathleen?” she asked incredulously. He nodded sullenly. “That’s right. If it weren’t for us coincidentally discovering her this time, we would have been fooled by her and her father.” Then, he explained to her the situation that Edward had investigated.

She was at a loss for words; she couldn’t believe that Rorion had resorted to such extreme measures, such as faking Kathleen’s death and using plastic surgery to change his daughter’s appearance just to clear her name. What’s more, Kathleen, who had gained her freedom, did not even think of acting like a decent person and instead. wanted to come after her for revenge. She shook her head and sighed, “I really can’t understand what’s going on in her mind.”

“It is irrelevant to us what she thinks. What’s important is your health. The doctor said you’re very weak and need to rest and nourish yourself. Also, you still need to stay in the hospital for a few days, although the concussion is not serious,” said Nicholas while holding her hand as he tried to change the topic. He did not want his wife to be affected by those people who wished her harm.

Later that evening, the Sawyers and Timothy learned that Tessa had awakened and rushed. to the hospital. When Timothy entered the ward and saw his sister’s pale and haggard face, he felt incredibly guilty even though the incident had passed. “It’s all my fault for not protecting you well.”

She looked at her brother’s guilty expression and instantly knew that he was blaming himself for absolutely no reason. So, she quickly consoled him, “You did a great job. You still risked everything to buy me time to escape, even though we were faced with so many people. In fact, you have protected me very well.”

Timothy disagreed, but before he could say. anything, Tessa changed the subject. “By the way, were you injured that day?”

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