Always Been Yours Chapter 1459

“Mr. Sawyer, what did you mean in the text message?” Hathaway’s voice sounded nervous over the phone. Nicholas held his phone and said lightly, “It meant exactly what it’s supposed to mean.’ As soon as he finished speaking, there was a long pause on the other end of the phone. It was only a moment later that her slightly hoarse voice was heard, “Where did you find my daughter, and where is she now?”

“I think you should ask her father if you want to know where your daughter is. I believe he knows better than I do.” Then, he hung up the phone without a moment of hesitation. Hathaway went to find Rorion the moment she put down her phone.

Rorion came down to the brightly lit living room from upstairs wearing a sleeping gown. He stared at her in surprise as she looked out of sorts and frowned. “Why aren’t you sleeping in the middle of the night? What are you doing at my house?”

She did not respond. Instead, she walked quickly to his side. “Rorion, is Kathleen still alive?” She grabbed his arm tightly as she asked eagerly. Obviously, the out-of-the-blue question startled him, and he denied it firmly in a heartbeat, “Why are you asking me this? You should know better than I do that Kathleen is dead. Didn’t you watch her being buried?”

“But Mr. Sawyer told me that she is not dead. He’s not the kind of person who would lie!” She shook her head vigorously, not realizing that Rorion’s expression had changed dramatically because of her words. “Who? Nicholas?”

“Yes, it was him!” She nodded. Rorion quickly took out his phone to contact Kathleen as he felt that things were getting out of control, but there was no answer, and he began to feel uneasy. Hathaway, who noticed his expression, finally realized something was wrong. The news came from Nicholas, but how would he know if her daughter wasn’t dead?

“Rorion, be honest with me. Is Kathleen trying to seek revenge from Tessa now that she isn’t dead?” Hathaway gritted her teeth and demanded. He felt a little guilty when being questioned but also a little annoyed. “So, what if she is alive?

As a mother, not only did you not seek revenge for your own daughter, but you also won’t allow her to seek revenge for herself. What kind of logic is that?” Nonetheless, she was furious upon hearing the accusations.

“She is not seeking revenge. She’s just being reckless! She scolded Rorion angrily, almost wishing her daughter had died for good. But she could not just sit by and watch things. unfold, especially since she knew her daughter had miraculously survived. So, she flew to Southend overnight.

Tessa only woke up in the afternoon the next day, feeling like she had been run over by a car. Her body ached, her head was really dizzy, and she felt nauseous. In the end, she couldn’t help but scrunch her brows in discomfort.

At this moment, Greg noticed that his mother had woken up and exclaimed happily, ‘Mommy, you’re finally awake!”

Nicholas, who was working next to her, dashed over quickly upon hearing his son’s. exclamation. However, he saw her furrowing brow and immediately asked in concern, “Is the wound on your body still hurting? I’ll have the doctor come over right away.” Tessa did not object; she was really uncomfortable.

Soon, the doctor arrived with a nurse. After a thorough examination, the doctor concluded, “She’s fine. It’s just that her body is experiencing some after-effects from her injuries.”

“Is there any quick treatment or pain relief method?” Nicholas interjected. He frowned as he could not bear to see his wife in pain. The doctor nodded. “There are, but I don’t recommend using painkillers. Using them too often is not good for the body.”

So, Nicholas hesitated to request the doctor to administer painkillers, and Tessa, who sensed his hesitation, gently touched his hand and shook her head, ‘It’s okay. I’ll endure it.”

He had no choice but to agree. The doctor then gave some instructions on what to pay attention to before leaving with the nurse. Finally, there were only three of them left in the ward. Nicholas carefully helped Tessa to sit up while Greg brought her a cup of warm water. “Mommy, here. Have some water.”

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