Always Been Yours Chapter 1458

“You’ll know when you see it.” The officer didn’t know what to tell Edward and just led him to the interrogation room. When they entered, Edward froze and was in disbelief. He saw a person who was supposed to be dead. ‘Kathleen?!” he blurted..

Kathleen whipped her head up and saw Edward. standing at the door as her heart leaped to her throat. This man was Nicholas’ right-hand man. Now that he saw her, she couldn’t hide her identity anymore.

That was the truth. The police heard Edward’s shout and turned to look at him. “You know this person?”

“Yea. She’s called Kathleen. She was sentenced to jail in Vienna for murder a year ago. It’s just that after being locked up for a few days, news broke out that she committed suicide. You may contact their police for more information.”

Edward briefly gave a summary of Kathleen. After the officer heard Edward’s tale, he immediately knew that things were far more complicated than they expected.

“I may need your help in contacting the police in Vienna.” Then, he left the room with Edward. Kathleen looked at them leaving and slumped into the chair as though her soul had left her body.

She knew that she was done for. On the other side, he assisted the police before. hurrying back to Nicholas. “President Sawyer, I went to the police station. I finally know why Susan has constantly been targeting the Mistress.”

“What did she say?” Nicholas shot him a glance. Edward shook his head. “She didn’t say anything, but her hidden identity was exposed in the station.” “Hidden identity?” Nicholas was bemused.

Edward nodded before he agitatedly exclaimed, “The police asked me to go over just now because the mask on Susan’s face fell. Her real identity is Kathleen, who died a year ago.”

Nicholas was stunned at the reveal before he remembered who Kathleen was. Then, Edward said in realization, “No wonder Kathleen’s death was weird. Even her burial was done far too quickly. It was a feigned death. She even found a way to be near Mistress. We wouldn’t have found out if it wasn’t for this accident!”

Nicholas’ face darkened at that. He also suspected Kathleen’s death but didn’t expect the truth to be this….

Yet, what angered him more was that Kathleen escaped jail through a fake death but dared to take revenge on Tessa instead of living under the radar.

When his mind kept replaying the numerous times that she had tried to do something to Tessa, he truly wanted to be done with the law and kill her right there and then.

“What did the police say?” he questioned Edward sharply as a murderous chill exuded from him. Edward answered honestly, “They’re contacting the police in Vienna. They will handle it.”

Even though that was the case, Nicholas wasn’t the least bit assured. So, he ordered in a low voice, “Get your men on this. I don’t want an issue like Kathleen to ever happen again!”

“I will arrange for that. They’ll follow through the whole process.” Edward nodded firmly. Nicholas had nothing else to say and rubbed his temple wearily. Then, he waved his hands to dismiss Edward.

To his surprise, Edward didn’t leave. He looked over in confusion. “Is there something else?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to ask if Mistress has woken up.” He was usually by Nicholas’ side. So, Tessa wouldn’t neglect him as she would also bring. him some gifts or snacks whenever she brought over a little something for Nicholas. Nicholas shook his head. “She won’t wake up so soon.”

It wasn’t easy to recover from a concussion. Edward was a little worried, but he knew that it was best to leave it alone. So, he decided to focus on his work and left.

After he left, only she was in the hospital ward staring at the two people on the bed with dark. eyes. It was hard to guess what he was thinking.

After a moment, he thought of something and sent a message on his phone. Soon, his phone rang. It was a call from Hathaway.

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