Always Been Yours Chapter 1457

The police officer frowned, slightly displeased. at her response. Susan then continued, “You said that I broke the law, but I’ve always been a good citizen and have not done anything out of line. If this is an accusation, I will sue you for slander.”

The police officer’s expression darkened when those words left her lips. Then, he told her about the danger Tessa was involved in. “We investigated the people around Miss Tessa and know that you have bad blood with her. So, you have a motive.”

“We were indeed involved in a conflict, but I’m only here for vacation. So, how could you suspect me without any evidence?” Susan acted as if she was furious and glared at the officer.

The officer was unresponsive and merely stated, “Even so, you still have a motive. If you want to prove your innocence, provide your itinerary of this period for us to investigate.”

In the end, she could only give them the information without any other choice. Thank God there was nothing suspicious with her recent itinerary. That was why she wasn’t afraid of being investigated by the police..

At the same time, Edward went to the hospital to report to Nicholas after Susan was caught.

“I found her in the airport and felt that her appearance was an odd coincidence and suspected that she had something to do with Mistress’ incident.”

Then, he recounted what happened with Susan. After Nicholas heard that, he muttered dangerously with a dark look on his face, “There’s no doubt about it. It’s definitely her.”

Edward looked at him in hesitation as he didn’t understand why Nicholas was so sure. Nicholas saw the look in his eyes and said coldly, ‘Even though Susan changed her. appearance, her height didn’t change. I’ve only seen her a few times, but I’m sure she’s the person that contacted Zachary.”

Edward felt that his words made sense. However, a worry rose in him at the same time. “If it was her, I’m afraid she would not admit it, considering how she reacted in the airport.”

“Then, think of a way to make her admit it!” Nicholas growled ferociously. Susan was unaware of the fact that Nicholas’ wrath was about to befall her.

After she explained her itinerary, she was in a rush to leave. “I’ve told you everything. Can I leave now?” “Not yet. We need to verify this.” The police officer then stood up to look for his colleague for the next step.

Suddenly, a strange thing happened before the officer. He gaped in astonishment, only to see Susan’s exquisite face become so wrinkled as though the skin was about to peel right off. The officer looked at her with widened eyes. “Your face…”

“What’s wrong with my face?” Susan instinctively touched her face, and the wrinkles she felt made her heart skip a beat. Sh*t. It was time to change the silicone mask.

It seemed that the mask had lost its effect. Unfortunately, the materials her father sent her were detained by the police due to the special chemicals in them. “Where’s my luggage? Give me my luggage!”

Susan covered her face with her two hands and shouted with her eyes filled with remorse. She had it all planned out. She was going to put on a new silicone mask when she returned home. She didn’t expect to be detained by the police and even forgot about the expiry of the silicone mask.

However, she was filled with questions at the same time. She had a few more hours before the mask fell off. Why did it happen now?

The police officer was confused about her panicked state at first. However, he soon looked at her in horror when the mask on her face fell off because the woman before him had changed into a completely different person.

He realized that something was off and left the interrogation room to contact Edward. “Mr. Jackson, the woman we caught in the airport turned into a different person. Please come over if you have the time.”

“Turned into a different person? I got it. I’m coming right away.” Edward hung up the phone and rushed to the police station. When he arrived, he found the officer responsible for the case and asked, “What happened? What do you mean by turning into a different person?”

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