Always Been Yours Chapter 1456

Edward stared down the woman who wasn’t willing to cooperate and said coldly, “I’m afraid that’s not up to you, Miss Susan.” Susan wanted to escape when she heard that. “What do you want? Move out of my way!”

She shouted indignantly before pushing Edward aside to go through the security check. However, she was adding to his suspicion by fleeing. “Stop her!”

The bodyguards immediately came forward and grabbed her at his orders. Susan was scared to death and called for help from the airport staff. “Help me! This person is sexually harassing me!”

Her shouts immediately garnered the attention of the staff. “Mister, this is an airport. It’s not a place for you to do as you please. Please leave with your men immediately.”

“Leave immediately. She’s not willing to leave with you. If you’re not letting this go, we’ll be calling the police.” A man by the side also stepped up, wanting to play the hero. So, Edward couldn’t go near Susan.

She stood in the middle and looked at him with a gleam before turning around to the security check staff and asking, “Can you let me do the security check first?”


“No,” Edward and the staff’s voices sounded at the same time. The staff hesitated for a moment. Edward then rushed to explain, “This is a wanted suspect of the police. She can’t leave.”

“Bullsh*t!” Susan retorted. She turned her head and anxiously urged the staff, “I’m not a suspect. That person just wants to take me back and lock me up. Please let me go through the security check.”

The staff looked between her and Edward at a loss of whom to believe. Fortunately, the police arrived just in the nick of time. It seemed that Edward also notified the police when he called for his men.

The leading officer held his badge and strode up to Susan and the airport staff. “This is my badge. This person is suspected of being involved in a murder. I need to bring her back to the station for further investigation.”

The airport staff was momentarily stunned before he hastily took a step back. It was apparent that they weren’t going to step up for her. The other men also fell silent at the situation.

Only Susan was trembling in fear when she saw the police. “What murder? I obeyed the laws. I didn’t commit a crime. You have gotten the wrong person.”

She tried to play dumb, determined not to admit it. Alas, Edward saw through her act and snickered, “We’ll know if we got the wrong person when you follow us back for the investigation.”

She could feel her blood boil at his words. At that moment, she heard an announcement regarding her plane’s departure, and she immediately had an idea. “I told you I’m not a suspect. The plane’s going to depart, and I need to get on. You don’t have the right to stop me.”

Then, she turned around, wanting to get on the plane. As long as she got on the plane, she would be free. Nobody could do anything to her. Sadly, reality shattered her wishful thinking.

The police stood in her way and coldly ordered, “Miss, even though you are a foreigner, you’ve broken the law here, and you’ll have to obey them. Please follow us back for the investigation now.”

“I’m not leaving! You don’t have the right to detain me!” Susan refused to cooperate and arrogantly demanded that the airport staff let her get on the plane.

However, the staff ignored her. On the other hand, the police’s expression became ugly when they saw how uncooperative Susan was being.

The police officer’s patience was at its limit as more onlookers gathered around them. “This isn’t the place for your smart little acts. If you’re not going to listen, we have no choice but to use force.”

Then, the officer glanced at his colleague before they forcefully grabbed onto Susan and took her away. When they arrived at the police station, Susant was instantly sent into the interrogation room.

The police officer sat opposite her and questioned, “Where were you yesterday at 10.00AM, and what did you do there?”

“You’re infringing on my privacy. I have the right not to disclose that.” Susan refused to answer.

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