Always Been Yours Chapter 1455

However, when her mind kept returning to her successful plan, she couldn’t hide the glee from showing on her face. She had even begun to hum as she bounced her leg in elation. Moreover, she had made all the necessary preparations to ensure that her scheme would be executed beautifully.

She figured that it was true that preparation was the key to success, as the results were just as she wanted them to be, which made her highly satisfied. It was especially so when she learned that Tessa had fallen off the cliff. After she learned of Tessa’s demise, a great deal of the resentment that she harbored in the very depths of her heart dissipated.

And now, she planned to return home and return to being a violinist. Just the thought that she could return to the stage that she loved so deeply filled her with contentment. After that, she even took out her makeup and dolled herself beautifully because she wanted to go home in glory!

About forty minutes later, Edward arrived at the airport with some men, and by now, Susan was at the security checks to board the plane.

Perhaps it was because the holiday season was just over, there were more people than usual at the airport now. Thus, it would be impossible for Edward and his men to find someone because it was akin to looking for a needle in the haystack through such a crowd.

So, when Edward realized the problem with their search, he stopped and instructed his subordinates, “Pair up in a group and spread out to search in the direction of north, south, east, and west.

After that, he said to two other men, “Come with me to the security check counters.” The security check was the last hurdle at the airport. If that woman wanted to escape from the airport, she couldn’t skip this part at all.

He wouldn’t miss out on a single chance of catching that woman as he went straight for the security checkpoint..

There were long queues at the security checkpoints, and Edward started scrutinizing each and every individual carefully with his men. Susan was in one of the queues, and she stuck out like a thumb.

By now, she had already removed her previous disguise. She reverted to the beautiful blue- eyed blonde that she was, attracting the attention of quite a few people around her, especially since she carried herself confidently and even donned exquisite makeup.

She got complacent because she thought that Nicholas wouldn’t look for her so quickly, but she still had no idea that the reality was a far cry from her assumption.

Edward approached the crowd and noticed her right away. He even thought that she looked very familiar. Thus, just to be sure that he didn’t miss out on even the slightest chance, he drew closer discreetly to check her out.

Susan was completely unaware of the danger. that was approaching as she kept playing on her phone. Regardless, the instant Edward had taken a good look at the stunning woman in front of him, he raised his brows in surprise. “It’s her?!”

He recognized her, and, at the same time, a thought started forming in his mind. This woman has always been at loggerheads with Mistress and even tried to set her up a few times already. Furthermore, she had been staying here for six months and showed no signs of leaving the country, but now, she’s leaving when Mistress is in trouble? I smell a rat, he thought and concluded that there was something fishy. about this woman. Hence, he immediately. beckoned for his men who had spread out.

Just two more people, and it would be Susan’s turn to cross the security check.

Edward didn’t want to waste another second and went to her right away. However, he didn’t tell his men to take her away directly because he didn’t want to affect others and attract unwanted trouble. So, he greeted her politely and intended to take her out of the crowd nicely and gently.

“Oh, what a coincidence running into you here, Miss Susan.”

When Susan heard this voice, the smile on her face froze. She spun around in surprise, only to see Edward standing next to her with two bodyguards by his sides, and her heart skipped. a beat.

Did Nicholas trace the case to me? she wondered in panic, but on the surface, she remained composed. “It’s you, Mr. Jackson. Yes, what a coincidence. Are you going on a business trip abroad?”

“Actually, no. I’m here to look for someone under President Sawyer’s orders, but I came over when I saw you. I have some questions for you and hope that you’ll cooperate with us, Miss Susan.”

Despite the courtesy he displayed, the tone he used was firm and domineering, which gave her no room for rejection. Susan’s expression darkened, and she became even more certain about her suspicions- Nicholas had traced the case to her!

Yet, she thought that it was odd that Edward didn’t take her away at the first chance he had. She immediately reckoned that something was preventing him from doing so. When she arrived at that conclusion, she decided to play this to her best advantage. A light gleamed in her eyes as she put on a coy smile. “Mr. Jackson, as you can see, it will soon be my turn for the security check. Moreover, I’m not that close with you and have nothing to tell you.”

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