Always Been Yours Chapter 1454

As Nicholas spoke, he passed the picture back to Edward, but right at this point, he saw something amiss from the corners of his eyes. So, he paused and snatched the picture back, causing Edward to stare at him in puzzlement. “What’s the matter, President Sawyer?”

Nicholas ignored him and went under the light to study the picture while Edward and Kieran shared a look with each other. “Did you notice something, Nicholas?” Kieran. asked curiously.

Nicholas swiveled his head to Kieran, took a glance at him, and passed him the picture while pointing to a spot. “Look here. Does it look like she has something plastered here?”

“Let me take a look,” Kieran said, took the picture from him, and observed it under the light, where Edward came to check it out as well.

Then, he said affirmatively, “There is something plastered there. No wonder I feel that there’s something amiss with her features. That’s because these are not her real features.”

“That means this woman has disguised herself, and that’s why we can’t find out anything about her, Nicholas said grimly as his dark eyes roiled with cold fury.

Edward was startled by his statement. Nonetheless, he frowned and murmured helplessly, “What are we going to do now? How can we find out anything about this person when she has disguised herself?”

Nicholas snorted. “We’ll start with her height, then. Judging from the picture, I think she’s about five feet seven tall. Get the police to start investigating this as well.”

Edward nodded and was about to leave when Nicholas stopped him. “After alerting the police, bring some men with you to look for her in places like airports.”

“I got it.” Edward nodded firmly before dashing out. Since this woman had already made her move, she would try to flee at the first chance she had. So, now they had to do all they could to block off her escape routes.

Kieran stared at Edward’s retreating back as he tilted his head and asked, “What should I do, then?”

“If you have nothing to do, bring some men with you and look for this woman as well,” Nicholas said and didn’t bother about him anymore as he returned to Tessa’s bedside.

Gregory saw him coming and gazed at him with worry written all over his tiny face. “Daddy, when will Mommy wake up?”

“She will. Soon.”

Nicholas’ eyes were filled with heartache and affection as he brushed the hair away from Tessa’s cheeks. Actually, he didn’t know when she would wake up; he only said that so Gregory wouldn’t become upset. Gregory noticed that his father was utterly focused on Tessa, so he pressed his lips together as he continued to keep vigil by her bedside.

Kieran knew that there wasn’t a point in him hanging around here as he watched the dispirited father and son. Thus, he spun on his heel and decided to make himself useful by joining the witch hunt for the culprit.

At the same time, in the airport, Susan had already bought the air ticket and was ready to leave, but there was still an hour until takeoff.

She curled her lips into a delighted smile as she sat in the VIP airport lounge while on a call with her father. “Daddy, I’m already in the airport lounge and will. be on the plane in an hour.”

“Okay, I’ve already asked the butler to clean your room, and the kitchen has already prepared your favorite foods,” Rorion said. fondly over the phone, which made Susan even happier.

Rorion was aware that Susan had achieved what she wanted because she had carried out her revenge, but he was still worried. In the end, he advised again in concern, “You have to lay low before you board the plane so as not to let Nicholas’ men discover you.”

“Don’t worry. I know that.”

Susan knew full well that Nicholas wouldn’t sit by and do nothing after Tessa was kidnapped. Furthermore, she would never make the same mistake twice!

After they chatted a little bit more, they hung up, and she set aside her phone. Then, she started idly browsing the news on the Internet until she came across a piece of news about Tessa and clicked on it.

As expected, this article was full of compliments for Tessa, and there was even a beautiful picture of her attached. “The future genius musician, huh? Ha, this b*tch won’t be a genius musician anymore!”

She glowered at the picture with malice and exited the browser so that her good mood wouldn’t be affected by reading such news.

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