Always Been Yours Chapter 1453

The point he brought up made Timothy waver, and Sabrina went along with Nicholas, saying, “If you’re still worried about your sister, we can request for them to change your ward to the one next door. Then, you can visit her right after she’s awake.”

She was genuinely concerned about his injury, but it didn’t feel right for her to say anything because Tessa was still unconscious. In the end, Timothy returned to his ward, successfully, persuaded by the two, but he was still in low spirits.

Sabrina sensed his negative emotions literally oozing out of him as she scooted to his side and gently asked, “You’re still worried about Tessa, aren’t you? But I think you don’t have to be so worried. President Sawyer loves her dearly. I’m sure he won’t let anything happen to her.”

“I know that with Nicholas around, Tess will be fine, he started in despair. “What bothers me is, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to protect Tess properly. If it were Nicholas who was by her side today, she wouldn’t have to go through. any of this: In conclusion, I’m just not strong enough.”

The look of dismay and guilt on the man she loved broke her heart, and she took him into her arms as she stroked his back gently to reassure him, “You’ve already done your best. What happened this time is not your fault. Who could have guessed that those people would choose to act at this time?”

Timothy didn’t say a word and returned her hug by wrapping his arms around her tightly. Nonetheless, she could feel his dejection and melancholy through his embrace, and she comforted him again, “From now on, we’ll do our best to be strong so that others will think twice before trying to set us up again.”

In the other ward, Nicholas gazed at the frail and pale Tessa on the bed, and the air around him started to turn cold and murderous.

Kieran could clearly sense the overwhelming fury that was brewing inside his brother, although he was a good distance away from him. As a result, a shiver ran down his spine at the thought of anyone facing Nicholas’ wrath. My god, Nicholas is terrifying right now! he thought and tried his best to become a wallflower lest he annoyed him.

Just then, Nicholas’ cool voice echoed into his ears. “Has Edward returned yet?”

“I haven’t seen him around, so I guess not,” Kieran promptly answered after a tremor. passed through his body. As it turned out, Nicholas had sent Edward to the police station to find out more about the kidnappers when Tessa was still in the ER. “What’s taking him so long?” Nicholas grumbled with a frown.

“Should I call him and ask how it’s going?” Kieran suggested, whisking out his phone. He was about to make the call when Edward made his appearance.

“Good evening, President Sawyer and Master Kieran.” After he greeted them, Nicholas asked emotionlessly, “Did you find out who the mastermind is?”

“Yes, it’s the same woman Zachary mentioned earlier, Edward answered, looking hesitant. “But we’ve investigated this woman and couldn’t find any information about her. Even the police couldn’t find out anything about this person.”

‘There’s actually a person that you guys can’t find anything about?” Kieran exclaimed, looking at Edward in bewilderment. Edward smiled bitterly and turned to Nicholas, awaiting his order.

Frankly, Nicholas found this odd as well. If his men couldn’t find out anything, that may be because they lacked intelligence. Yet, even the police had no information… Then there could only be one possibility. “Show me the picture of that woman again.”

Edward nodded and quickly handed him the printed picture. Nicholas took it from him and scrutinized the picture carefully. Next to them, Kieran stepped closer and gasped in surprise.

Although the woman in the picture looked fresh-faced at one glance, after looking at her for a long time, the features on her face didn’t seem like they were quite right.

Nicholas heard his surprise, and his head snapped toward Kieran as he questioned, “What did you discover?”

Kieran scrunched his eyebrows in confusion as he voiced out his guess, “Well, I can’t say that I’ve discovered anything, but I just feel that this woman’s features seem odd like she had been under the knife before. But, at the same time, it doesn’t seem that way either. Maybe she merely fine-tuned her features a little?”

Nicholas didn’t say a thing, but his eyes. narrowed as he observed the features of the woman in the picture again and noticed that there was indeed something unnatural about them. “Edward, show this picture to a plastic surgeon.”

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