Always Been Yours Chapter 1379

As a result, she was held in high regard by everyone over the years, leading her to believe that everyone had to please her wherever she went.

When Tessa entered, she happened to witness the rest of them complimenting Elisa. That caused her to frown slightly, but she wasn’t surprised.

After all, this was a common occurrence in society. Tessa wasn’t familiar with everyone in the room. Hence, she didn’t greet anyone and went straight to her dressing table.

There was only a short time left before the performance began, and she needed to apply her makeup quickly. Unfortunately for Tessa, Elisa noticed her at this point.

Elisa knew Tessa. As Sofia’s protégé, Tessa had received the praise and commendation of many musicians at the previous banquet. Many people were optimistic about Tessa’s future accomplishments.

When Elisa recalled this, she felt annoyed. Those compliments ought to be hers. To her, Tessa’s fame was merely a short storm of hype because her mentor was Sofia.

With Tessa having just ignored Elisa without even greeting her, the latter was even more irritated, and her expression turned cold.

Though many of the performers today were senior musicians, Elisa considered herself to be the most experienced among the younger generation.

Hence, Tessa’s attitude of ignoring her was like a slap in the face to Elisa. Furthermore, Elisa had also heard that unlike her, the reason Tessa could perform in today’s event wasn’t because of her capabilities.

Instead, Tessa was specially invited by the host. This made Elisa even more displeased. Thus, she looked at Tessa, raised her voice, and intentionally said, “I really don’t know why some people get invited.”

With such words, together with Elisa’s expression, everyone in the room knew to whom she was referring. They knew Tessa too. However, they were already on Elisa’s side, so they began to say things that were similar to Elisa’s words.

“It’s truly weird. I wonder what tricks she used.”

“I wonder what the host was thinking. Miss Elisa is obviously more outstanding but they went with an insignificant musician who has only recently gained popularity.”

“And she’s rude. She didn’t even greet her seniors.”

Though they didn’t say her name, Tessa knew they were talking about her. Despite this, she simply smiled and dismissed all of their words as sour grapes.

She remained seated calmly at the dressing. table, signaling to her makeup artist to finish applying her makeup. Seeing that, Elisa was furious.

She felt that Tessa did not take her seriously even though she was Tessa’s senior.

However, to maintain her elegant and demure image, Elisa did not say anything further. That being said, she wasn’t going to let Tessa off easily either.

A hint of evil flashed across her eyes as she stared fiercely at Tessa. Then, she shifted her gaze to her assistant, as if hinting at something. Her assistant understood it right away and quickly left when no one was looking.

Seeing that Tessa was ignoring them, the others became bored and changed the subject of their conversation. Throughout their conversation, they laughed loudly, as if to emphasize Tessa’s exclusion.

Indeed, in comparison to them, Tessa was exceptionally quiet and even appeared lonely. But this didn’t bother Tessa at all.

“Miss Reinhart, you can change into your gown now,” the makeup artist said softly after the final step of the makeup was completed.

Tessa responded with a nod. Then, she turned around and headed to the changing room. When she came out, Sofia happened to walk in her direction.

Sofia smiled as she looked Tessa over from head to toe. “This gown suits you. You are stunning.” “I think it’s nice too.” Tessa smiled and nodded, showing no signs of humility.

Sofia laughed at that. “How do you feel now?

Are you nervous?” she asked. I’m not. I’m doing well. Don’t be concerned. about me, Miss Sofia.” Tessa then took the initiative to link her arm through Sofia’s with a smile on her face that made her appear relaxed.

Seeing this, Sofia felt relieved. They both then walked back to the makeup artist. When Tessa reappeared, almost everyone in the room was astounded.

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