Always Been Yours Chapter 1336

“Tim, you dumb fool! Why aren’t you charging in? If you keep waiting, your girlfriend will be taken away!” Nicholas’ eyes filled with fond exasperation as he watched Tessa’s worrying face.

Meanwhile, Kieran, secretly observing from around the corner, shared her anxiety. “Go on! What is this man thinking?” he mumbled.

However, Timothy did not know of their scheme, though. Standing not far away from Sabrina and the man, he knew he could not keep watching. At that moment, he realized he loved her. Suddenly, a wave of jealousy washed over him when he saw another man holding the woman he liked in his arms.

Without hesitation, Timothy dashed over and yanked the man away from her, pulling her into a tight embrace. However, his sudden appearance shocked both of them.

Then, they heard Timothy’s voice ring out in an imperious tone. “Who said I don’t love her?” His words made Sabrina look at him as her heart raced uncontrollably.

On the other hand, the man was somewhat frightened by Timothy’s imposing form. For at moment, he thought he was looking at Nicholas instead. After all, he had only ever seen that aura be exuded by Nicholas.

Soon, the man regained his senses but did not forget his responsibilities as he mockingly scowled in anger. “If you like her, why are you so inconsistent with how you treat her?”

“That is our personal business and none of yours.” Timothy refused to answer that question.

Nevertheless, the man sensed that as well. “Why is it none of my business?” he snapped in a taunting voice. “I like her, so it’s my responsibility to help her sort through the garbage. Since you don’t treat her well, I have the right to interfere.”

“How could you have that right?” Timothy’s response rang with immense displeasure.

Then, the man glanced at Sabrina and frowned before proudly saying, “Of course I do. I am her childhood best friend. We grew up together. How can I not have that right?”

Timothy was startled when he heard the man was her childhood best friend. His face became gloomy, and he barked, “So, what? She loves me.”

“What about it? You’re not nice to her. I still stand a chance.” Still, the man did not stop arguing.

Soon, impatience simmered in Timothy’s eyes as he coldly retorted, “That is because I did not know what I feel for now. That will not happen now, so please stop throwing a tantrum.”

“I’m not the one throwing a tantrum. Anyway, that’s what you say, but men are all fickle.” Afterward, the man put on a look of great anger as he continued to provoke him.

Suddenly, the expression on Timothy’s face worsened even further. “It is not your place to question my words.”

When the man heard the frustration in his voice, he knew he was done fueling the fire. “Although I can’t question it, Sabrina can, right?

Let her choose whom she wants.” Following that, the man turned to look at Sabrina.

However, she was still lost in her own happy feelings. She had never thought such a simple plan would actually work. Moreover, she even heard Timothy admit that he loved her.

Still, Timothy was ignorant of her thoughts. When he and the man looked at Sabrina, his arms tightened around her. “Who do you choose?”

His hoarse voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She glanced at Timothy before looking at the man standing across from them. In the end, she grabbed a corner of Timothy’s. shirt and said to the man, ‘I’m sorry.”

The man immediately let out a bitter smile. when he heard that.

“You don’t need to apologize to me. As long as he is good to you, I will respect your decision.” Then, he dejectedly turned and walked away.

When he was out of Timothy’s view, he swiftly ran to Kieran’s hiding spot. “Well, Master Kieran? My acting is good, right?” The man spoke without a sign of sadness on his face.

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