Always Been Yours Chapter 1335

“You know where she is?” Due to how worried Timothy was, he did not realize something was off about the way Kieran spoke.

“I saw her just now.” Kieran winked at him. “I think she was called away by someone she knew.”

Someone she knew? Timothy frowned. “Then again, she has been gone for quite a while, Kieran continued suggestively. “So, why isn’t she back yet?”

He then shot Timothy a look once more but realized Timothy’s eyes were already filled with worry. “Why don’t you go check on her? We wouldn’t want her to be in danger.’ Kieran intentionally made himself sound anxious.

As expected, Timothy fell for the ruse. Without hesitation, he strode out of the hall.

Outside, he looked around before finally spotting Sabrina standing by the road nearby. She was not alone, though. Standing next to her was a tall man dressed in a black suit.

“I like you, Sabrina. Will you be my girlfriend?” That was what the man said when Timothy walked over to them. The stranger had his back facing Timothy while he was confessing his love.

Hence, Timothy could not see what the man looked like. Still, it did not stop him from curling his hands into fists. Actually, Sabrina had already noticed Timothy’s. presence and her entire being radiated with anticipation and anxiety.

However, she did not forget her mission. She pretended she had not seen Timothy and silently lowered her head.

“Sabrina, give me a chance to take care of you,” the man continued. “I have loved you for a long time.”

“I…” Sabrina had a conflicted look. Unable to resist the urge, she snuck a glance at Timothy out of the corner of her eye. Why was he not reacting?

In the car, Nicholas and Tessa were spying on them.

The sight of Timothy standing there and doing nothing made Tessa agitated and anxious. “Stop him already. Come on. You’re there. Why aren’t you reacting?”

As for Nicholas, he found the way she mumbled and her eagerness to act on Timothy’s behalf to be rather cute. “Keep quiet. He might hear you.” As he suggested that, he seized the chance to sneak a kiss as well.

Unfortunately for him, she completely ignored him. She even thought he was annoying and pushed him away. “Stop it.”

She then stopped paying attention to him and focused on the scene happening outside the car. Nevertheless, she quickly covered her mouth.

She was terrified that Timothy might spot them because she could not resist speaking. That would have ruined all of their plans.

She kept staring at Timothy, wishing for her dense brother to be smart for once. The confession was still going on.

Sabrina looked down and softly rejected the man. “I’m sorry. I already have someone I like.”

The man’s shoulders slumped when he heard

that. He seemed so downtrodden. Behind him, Timothy felt discomforted by her answer as well. She has someone she likes…

Who is it?

As he stared at them in confusion, the man spoke once more. “I know. It’s Timothy, isn’t it?”

Sabrina did not deny it.

Seeing that, the man became agitated. “You like him, but I can tell he doesn’t like you.”

“No,” she exclaimed and tried to deny the truth. “He just doesn’t know I like him.”

The man did not give her the chance to live in denial, though. “How could he not know? You’re being so obvious. If he truly doesn’t know anything, why would he constantly push you away?”

There was a moment of silence.

Rendered speechless by what she heard, Sabrina kept her head down. She seemed to be in a great deal of pain.

Suddenly, the man stepped forward and grabbed her hand. ‘Sabrina, give me a chance,” he sincerely said. “I’ll be good to you.”

While she acted stunned and confused, she was actually panicking on the inside..

Several minutes had passed, but why was Timothy doing nothing? Did he really feel nothing for her? Meanwhile, Tessa was nervous as well. The two of them were holding hands, yet Timothy still did nothing.

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