Always Been Yours Chapter 1334

Who knew Timothy had such a great social network? After a while, when most of the gifts were received, Timothy could finally get away from the crowd.

Kieran walked over to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Tsk, tsk,’ he teasingly said, “that’s quite the harvest you have.”

Although Kieran was not standing near Timothy just now, everyone knew that gifts from rich men would never be bad. Timothy politely smiled and held his hand out. “Where’s my gift?” he asked with raised eyebrows.

‘Don’t worry. I never forget your gift.” Kieran then pulled out a gift box. However, before Timothy could open the box, he spotted Nicholas walking over with Tessa.

“Happy birthday, Timothy.” Tessa held out her present as she said that. He gleefully accepted the gift. “Thank you, Tess.”

He immediately began to unwrap his gift.

There, within the box, was an exquisite watch with azure blue gears and a diamond-encrusted bezel. It looked lavish yet elegant.

“That’s the latest limited edition watch from Patek Philippe. It’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As expected of Madam Tessa, she’s so generous with her gifts,” someone exclaimed.

“She has great taste as well. The watch looks perfect on Mr. Reinhart,” commented someone else. “I wanted this watch too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it.”

The guests around them were discussing the gift. Then, someone wondered, “What gift is Mr. Sawyer going to give?”

“It will definitely be good. After all, he is famous for extending his love to anyone loved by the people he cared about.”

When Timothy heard that, he somehow began to look at Nicholas with anticipation. “Where’s my present, Nicholas?”

“Here. Take this for now. I’ll replace it when I find something better.”

Nicholas then tossed something to Timothy.

Timothy caught it by instinct. When he looked down at it, he saw it was the key to a Porsche worth millions.

When Kieran saw that, he was overwhelmed with jealousy. “Nicholas, you’re playing favorites. You didn’t even give me an expensive car for my birthday.”

Timothy grinned when he heard that. He kept the key and gratefully said, “Thanks, Nicholas.”

“As long as you like it.” Nicholas chuckled. He seemed to be in a good mood. The crowd around them was shocked by the gift.

“Didn’t I say no one can ever compare to Mr. Sawyer? Look how generous he is. How enviable.”

“I suddenly want a brother-in-law like Mr. Sawyer.” “I truly envy Timothy, but I don’t have a sister.”

As everyone chatted and laughed, the gift- giving part of the night came to an end. The party had not ended though.

A lot of people actively approached Timothy to talk to him while many young girls went to flirt with him. However, he had no interest in even talking to those girls.

His reaction made the ladies thoroughly jealous. of Sabrina who stood by Timothy’s side the entire time. The party went on until late at night.

Kieran helped Timothy in sending off his guests. Sabrina was helping out as well, proving to be quite the dutiful assistant. Soon, the guests were gone, and the only ones left in the hall were part of the family.

It was very late, and Timothy did not want Tessa to exhaust herself. “Why don’t you go rest, Tess?” he suggested. “We can take it from here.”

Tessa hesitated. She wanted to see what would happen later. Naturally, Nicholas knew what she was thinking. “Let’s wait outside,” he said, bending down to whisper into her ear.

She immediately knew what he meant by that. “Okay,” she replied to Timothy. “Nicholas and I will head back first.” After bidding goodbye, she let Nicholas push her out of the building.

Timothy did not know of their scheme though. He walked with them out to the hotel entrance before heading back in. He planned on talking to Sabrina, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Kieran silently watched him wander around. When he saw that Timothy seemed to be searching for someone, he walked over to Timothy. “Are you looking for your assistant, Timothy?”

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