Always Been Yours Chapter 1333

Although the ladies continued to warm up to Tessa enthusiastically, she only reacted to them indifferently, but even so, she made sure she responded with grace.

Soon, the ladies began to notice Tessa’s reluctance to interact further with them, feeling discouraged about it even though they didn’t think it was a big deal due to Tessa’s status as the wife of the Sawyer Group’s owner. In the end, they sensibly left her alone not long before Nicholas returned to her. “How do you feel now? Are you tired?”

“Not for now.” Tessa shook her head with a smile and shifted her eyes to Timothy, who was amidst the crowd of quests. At the thought of the plan she discussed with Kieran, she sent someone to summon Kieran. “How is it now? Have you sounded him out? What are our odds of succeeding?”

“Yes, I have, and I think we’re going to nail it.” Kieran nodded with confidence. “Alright then, I’m counting on you for our next move.” Tessa smiled.

“Don’t worry, Tessa. Leave it to me. I’ll be sure to take care of it nicely.” Kieran patted his chest firmly.

Later that night, during the celebration, the host went on stage and announced to the guests that it was time for a performance. “Now, let’s welcome Mrs. Sawyer and Young Master Gregory, who will be singing a song for Mr. Reinhart.”

While the hall was instantly filled with thunderous claps, Tessa wheeled herself onto the stage with Gregory and gave her son some encouragement with a firm gaze.

After that, Gregory took a deep breath and set his eyes on Timothy. “Today, I’m going to sing a song to my uncle. Happy birthday, Uncle Tim. I hope you find a wife so I can play with my cousin as soon as possible.” The child’s hilarious words filled the hall with laughter.

Timothy was amused by the boy’s adorable reaction. “What a lovely rascal!” He looked at the child lovingly, feeling touched on the inside.

Soon, the performance began just as the beautiful melody of the piano filled the silent atmosphere. With good chemistry on the stage, Tessa and Gregory’s performances were so spellbinding that all the guests lost themselves in the soothing rhythm. When the performance was over, many of the guests shouted for an encore until a piano song echoed through every corner of the hall once again.

As everyone shifted their eyes to the piano, they saw Sabrina sitting there and playing a song called ‘Castle in the Sky’. While she indulged herself in playing the piano, her fingers looked as if they were. dancing on the keyboards.

In the meantime, Timothy was stunned when he saw Sabrina on stage because he had never seen her artistic and gorgeous side before.

Enchanted by the lady’s charm, he stared at her on stage without blinking as he couldn’t explain the euphoria and thrill that were surging through him.

As soon as Sabrina finished the last song, she was applauded by the guests with thunderous claps and positive compliments. “How wonderful! This piano song is magical!”

“She seems like a professional pianist.” “Who is this lady? How did she get the chance to perform during Mr. Reinhart’s birthday. celebration?”

Hearing the compliments around her, Tessa couldn’t help but feel proud of Sabrina and her brother’s choice. However, she was quickly interrupted by Kieran, who was surprised to see Sabrina’s talent. “Oh dear, I didn’t know she was so talented at playing the piano. I’d even say she is outstanding when it comes to that.”

“Of course. Do you know why? Timothy has good taste.” Tessa looked at her brother proudly, rendering Kieran speechless.

On the other hand, Sabrina bowed to the audience and descended from the stage. When she walked down the stage, she directly. approached Timothy with a gift in her hand. “Happy birthday. Here is your present. I hope you like it.”

“Thank you.” Timothy took the present but didn’t open it right away. Instead, he looked back at the lady and met her eyes, as if the two of them were telling each other about their own feelings through their gazes.

Nevertheless, the rest of the people didn’t seem to notice the meaning behind their gesture and went on to present their gifts to Timothy in order to make a good impression.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Reinhart.” Timothy was surrounded by people who desperately rushed to him and greeted him. Before Sabrina could react, she was already shoved aside by the crowd of people.

At the same time, Tessa, who was sitting aside, chuckled in amusement about what she saw, but soon, she sighed at something that crossed her mind.

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