Always Been Yours Chapter 1332

“That can wait. What matters now is our plan tonight. Sabrina quickly forgot about Kieran’s cheeky suggestion and expressed her concern about the plan. “Are you sure our plan is going to work tonight? Will there be any unforeseen circumstances?”

Looking at Sabrina’s expression, Kieran knew what she was worried about and patted his chest confidently. “Don’t worry. I have everything in place, so nothing can go wrong. Furthermore, I will not allow anything to go wrong because Tess and I are determined to make Tim take his first step.”

Meanwhile, Timothy, who was talking to the guest, finally realized he had been alone all the time and looked around him. Then, the sight of Sabrina still standing where they were and pleasantly chatting with Kieran pissed him off. At the same time, the guest Timothy was having a conversation with had noticed his strange expression and carefully asked, “Mr. Reinhart?”

“I’m all right. Excuse me.” Timothy turned around and walked toward Sabrina as soon as he finished his words.

When Kieran saw Timothy coming, he curled. his lips upward ambiguously. Although he appeared to be busy talking to Sabrina all the time, he had also secretly observed Timothy’s reaction at the same time.

Having noticed the unhappy look on Timothy’s face, his eyes were filled with cheekiness and mischief. “This is getting fun He then leaned closer to Sabrina’s ear and intentionally wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

Sabrina was stunned, feeling confused about what she should do. “Mr. Sawyer…” “Shh. Keep quiet.” Kieran didn’t allow Sabrina to finish her sentence and made a gesture to tell her to keep quiet.

Sabrina blinked in puzzlement, wondering what Kieran was actually up to. Just when she was still trying to figure out an answer to her question, she suddenly sensed a chilly presence right behind her.

The next second, Timothy emerged from behind her and took her away from Kieran. “I ran into someone from the Pratts over there. Come with me.” As soon as he finished his words, he gave Kieran no chance to react and took Sabrina away with him.

“Mr. Reinhart.’ Sabrina subconsciously followed right behind Timothy, but when she took a step forward, she was faced with the man’s darkened gaze. “Stay right there. Don’t come here. Upon finishing his sentence, Kieran seized Kieran’s arm and walked away with him without looking back..

Nevertheless, Kieran was happy with what was going on as he was seen with a pair of smiling eyes on his face. He then looked back and winked at Sabrina, who appeared to be confused about what was happening.

On the other hand, Nicholas arrived at the banquet hall while wheeling Tessa, instantly drawing attention from the crowd with his presence.

After all, Nicholas was born with elegant grace and good looks that no one could simply ignore after taking a look at him. Although Timothy was supposed to be the center of the spotlight due to the occasion, Nicholas and Tessa still couldn’t stop

themselves from being surrounded by the guests who soon approached and greeted them. “Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer. They courteously toasted Nicholas and Tessa.

While Nicholas nodded and exchanged insights with the guests about some financial topics, Tessa, who was listening aside, appeared to be somewhat bored even though she didn’t express her feelings. At that moment, Tessa was approached by a few ladies in decent outfits. “Hi, Tess.” They called her nickname intimately, trying to make friends with her.

“How can I help you, ladies?” Tessa looked at them in a surprised manner with her eyebrows raised.

“Well, it’s not a big deal, actually. We were just hoping to get to know you, Tess.” One of the ladies in a pink dress replied with a smile while looking at Tessa. As soon as her response was heard, the other ladies immediately echoed her words and answered affirmatively.

In the meantime, Tessa nodded with grace despite the ladies’ sudden approach. “I see. Nice to meet you too, ladies.” In spite of her polite reply, her words were filled with an indifferent tone because she knew deep down that the ladies only approached her for her brother.

At the thought of that, she was reminded of the changes Timothy had experienced along the way as he grew up with a heavy heart. Back then, I used to think of Tim as a little boy who needed my protection; but now, he is an outstanding man whom every lady wants to date.

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