Always Been Yours Chapter 1331

“It’s alright, Tess. I’m good, plus I’m going to get going soon. There is something I need to attend to in the office.” Timothy called out to Tessa and directly stated his purpose. “I heard from Nicholas that you’ve been busy preparing a birthday celebration for me. Is that so?”

“Yeah, I don’t have much to do either, not to mention the fact that it has been a while since you last celebrated your birthday. So, why not?” Tessa smiled and explained to her brother.

However, Timothy felt sorry for his sister, feeling worried about her health. “Come on, Tess. You need to rest more. Nothing is more important than your health. Moreover, I could celebrate my birthday next year.” Timothy didn’t want Tessa to exhaust herself because of him, knowing she still hadn’t recovered from her leg injury that impaired her mobility.

At the same time, Tessa understood Timothy’s worry and assured him that she was okay by shaking her head. “Well, when you were told that I’ve been busy preparing, there isn’t actually much for me to do either because all I do is just talk and delegate the jobs to someone else.”

After hearing Tessa’s response, Timothy decided not to change his sister’s mind. In the end, he told her to take care of herself and rest more before leaving for his office.

Soon, Timothy’s birthday arrived, and the celebration was held at a hotel owned by the Sawyer Group. That night, the banquet hall was

crowded with guests who were toasting each other with their glasses held high in the air. While their pleasant chats filled the atmosphere with harmony and peace, Timothy later arrived at the hall with Sabrina.

Meanwhile, Timothy showed up in a decent- looking suit that was custom-made abroad and ordered by Tessa. As the exquisite outfit accentuated his buffed figure, his elegance only added to his charm and turned many heads in the hall.

Nevertheless, the ladies quickly restrained themselves from indulging in their fantasies and only admired Timothy from afar when they saw Sabrina around him. In the meantime, Sabrina was seen around Timothy because she was told to receive the guest with him by Tessa, who didn’t think she could move freely due to her injury.

Not long after Timothy and Sabrina greeted at businessman, Kieran approached the duo and raised his glass. ‘Happy Birthday, Tim.” Hel toasted Timothy, who responded with a smile. Then, he shifted his gaze back and forth between Timothy and Sabrina several times and pulled their leg.

“You’re wearing black while she is wearing white. You both look exactly like a couple. Is there something you guys are not telling me? He gave the two of them a playful look.

In that instant, Sabrina blushed in her cheeks. and bashfully looked down, secretly peeking at Timothy to observe his reaction. Nevertheless, Timothy said, “Watch your tongue, man. Miss Gulliver is spoken for.”

The man’s words instantly made Sabrina’s smile stiffen as she recalled the incident that. happened at the hotel that night. “The man you saw that day wasn’t my boyfriend. He was just a friend, instead. Please don’t take his words to heart, Mr. Reinhart. He was drunk, which was why he was babbling nonsense.” Sabrina immediately tried to explain herself, knowing Timothy misunderstood what he saw earlier.

However, Timothy only gave Sabrina a cold glimpse with a darkened look on her face, showing no signs of what he was feeling on the inside. When Sabrina saw that, she wanted to say something more, only to be interrupted by a guest.

The next moment, Timothy left Sabrina behind and went on to greet the guest as she watched him walk away in utter disappointment like something was suffocating her.

On the other hand, Kieran was taken aback by how his joke backfired. Staring at the sad lady in front of him, he tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry, lady. Tim is a nerd, so don’t compare yourself with him because you’d only break your own heart if you did that.”

Sabrina chuckled in amusement when she heard the way Kieran described Timothy. He is right. Timothy is a nerd. No matter how many hints I try to give him, he always fails to get them right. Alas, this is frustrating!

“Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but I’ll be fine.” Sabrina pulled herself together and smiled at Kieran. ‘I’m glad to hear that. When that guy finally gets your hint, do all you can to make him regret what he did.” Kieran nodded.

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