Always Been Yours Chapter 1329

Meanwhile, Timothy could also notice what was wrong but decided to react with a long face and say nothing about it. Despite knowing how difficult he could be to deal with, he didn’t seem to know what he should do next, which resulted in an awkward silence without any further interaction between both after that.

“Thanks for the ride, Mr. Reinhart.” Sabrina stepped out of the car and expressed her gratitude to Timothy.

Timothy nodded and drove away, but instead of going home, he went straight to Dynasty Gardens. In the yard that was brightened up with warm yellow lights, Timothy sat beside Nicholas and drank with him, enjoying the cooling breeze that filled the atmosphere with pleasant vibes.

“So, what brings you here?’ Nicholas made a gesture by raising his glass, probingly gazing at Timothy. “Is there something you want me to help you with?”

Staring at Nicholas’ eyes, Timothy somehow felt as if his brother-in-law could read his mind. Thus, he faked a cough and tried to cover his actual feelings. “Nah, I just wanted to drink with you. That’s all.”

“Oh, really?” Nicholas responded with an ambiguous smile.

An uneasy Timothy took a sip of wine from his glass to brace himself before gazing at Nicholas with some confidence. “Tell me, Nicholas. How did you make up your mind and decide that my sister was the woman of your life back then?”

“What do you mean by that?” Nicholas squinted, seemingly pondering to figure out an answer to Timothy’s question.

Timothy chuckled softly in response. “I might not have known you well at that time, but I had definitely heard a lot about you. The rumors said you were a cold and heartless man whose world was all about work and nothing else. So, I’m curious how you came to that decision.”

“There is really nothing to be curious about. I just followed my heart.” Nicholas sipped his wine and added, “I wasted no time hesitating and went straight for it once I knew she was the one.” He recounted his feelings at that time while Timothy listened in an engrossed manner. Then, when Nicholas noticed the preoccupied look on Timothy’s face, he asked, “Let me guess-you’re faced with some relationship issues, right?”

Seeing the playful smile on Nicholas’ face, Timothy refused to admit his feelings. Therefore, he looked away guiltily while trying to play it cool. “No, of course not. I was just asking.”

Fortunately for Timothy, Nicholas decided not to press on with his mischief upon noticing the former’s reaction. While the two men continued to drink quietly, Timothy, who seemed to be bothered, indulged in so much alcohol that he eventually got drunk. Thus, Nicholas summoned the maids and had them take Timothy to his room, whereupon he returned to his bedroom.

On the other hand, Tessa hadn’t gone to bed yet, so she could smell Nicholas’ strong alcoholic breath when he entered. “You seem to have drunk a lot. Where is Tim? Is he all right?”

“He is drunk, but I told the maids to take him to his room,” Nicholas replied and went to the bathroom.

A few moments later, when the two of them were lying in bed together, Tessa rested in Nicholas’ arms and asked, “What’s wrong with Tim? It didn’t seem usual for him to come drinking with you all of a sudden.”

“Haha. Relationship issues.” Nicholas chuckled and went on to tell Tessa what had happened earlier that night. Toward the end of his story, he even ventured a guess about Timothy’s situation. “I think something is going on between him and that assistant.”

After hearing her husband’s story, Tessa appeared to be helpless. “My brother may be a capable man, but when it comes to love and romance, he is always too slow to catch on.”

She sighed, appearing concerned for Timothy. Deep down, she felt the urge to do something for her brother, whose love life she couldn’t help but feel worried about.

At the thought of that, she suddenly thought of an idea and said, “I remember Tim’s birthday is just around the corner. So, why don’t we organize a birthday celebration for him and give him the right nudge to do it by then? After that, it should help. take his mind off what is bothering him now. Don’t you think so?”

“That sounds like a good idea. Nicholas agreed with Tessa.

The next day, Tessa became serious about planning for Timothy’s birthday, but for some reason, her plan was discovered by Kieran, who approached her later that afternoon to volunteer to help. “Tessa, I know you’re helping Tim woo his crush, so let me help you. I’m a pretty good strategist, after all.”

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