Always Been Yours Chapter 1328

Timothy had no idea how he made the woman unhappy again. The man beside Sabrina sensitively detected the tension between them, so he felt a sense of insecurity in an instant.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Reinhart. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Sabrina’s boyfriend, and I’m about to send her home.”

He extended his hand and politely greeted Timothy and Kieran. On the other hand, Timothy was startled by his introduction. “Boyfriend?”

Timothy looked probingly at Sabrina, who noticed his stare but decided to remain silent. Her silence pleased the man beside her. “Yes, Im her boyfriend.”

The man’s smile was annoying to Timothy as his expression turned grim. “In that case, I’ll stop bothering you.” With that, he turned around and strode out.

Sabrina watched the men leave while remaining in the same spot. In actuality, she didn’t say anything earlier because she wanted to find out what was on Timothy’s mind.

However, she didn’t expect the man to leave directly. When they were on their way home, Kieran was hesitant to speak to Timothy, whose stiff figure exuded an impassive vibe.

A moment later, he summoned his courage and asked, “Tim, is there anything between you and your assistant?”

“There’s nothing between us. Don’t say nonsense. Furthermore, she has a boyfriend now.” Timothy denied it with a gloomy expression.

Kieran pursed his lips. How does he have the nerve to deny it when he’s looking extremely jealous?

Nonetheless, he decided not to expose him so as not to offend his friend. The next morning, Timothy headed to the company as usual.

He and Sabrina happened to bump into each other outside the building. After becoming startled for a moment, they sported awkward expressions.

Despite that, Sabrina decided to take the initiative to greet the man. “Morning, Mr. Reinhart.”

Timothy grunted and entered the building.

Then, they acted formally and distantly when dealing with work matters, just like the time when there used to be a misunderstanding between them back then.

Sabrina found the atmosphere intolerable, so she came up with a topic. “How’s Tess doing, Mr. Reinhart? Does she feel better now?”

“She’s good,” Timothy replied impassively and continued working as though refusing to speak to her. Noticing the man’s indifference, Sabrina felt

discomfited. Then, she stopped talking to him as well.

Feeling dejected, she was absent-minded at work. When it was finally time to get off work, she picked up her stuff. Just as she was ready to leave, she heard a colleague saying, “Sabrina, these are the files that Mr. Reinhart wants you to sort out by tonight.”

The colleague looked apologetically at Sabrina and put down the files before leaving. As Sabrina looked at the hefty files, she knitted her brows. Still, she decided to stay behind and deal with the extra workload.

As time passed, the lights on the street slowly lit up. Everyone had left the office, leaving Sabrina behind to deal with work on her own.

When she finally completed her work, it was already the middle of the night. There was no way she could hail a cab at this hour.

Just as she was about to call the chauffeur from her family to pick her up, a black car pulled up in front of her. As the window lowered, Timothy’s handsome face was revealed. “Get in. I’ll send you home.”

Sabrina looked dazedly at the man before her eyes. Although she was doubtful, she still got into the vehicle. Why is this man here at this hour? Has he been waiting for me to get off work?

As soon as the idea came up, she shook her head and cast it away. She was perplexed by the man’s action. He treated me coldly in the morning, but he’s now sending me home. What’s on his mind?

Finding the man inscrutable, she kept stealing glances at him and hesitated to speak. In the end, she uttered nothing.

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