Always Been Yours Chapter 1327

Now that Nicholas, who used to be the most desirable bachelor in Southend, was married, Kieran and Timothy took over his place as the most sought-after bachelors.

Therefore, Alanna quickly pulled herself together. As she gazed at the serious-looking man before her eyes, she put on a decent smile. I’m sorry for being frivolous. I’ll propose a toast to you to apologize for my rude behavior, Mr. Reinhart.”

Upon finishing her words, she gulped down her wine. She came to realize that this man loved decent women instead of flirtatious ones. Although she had gotten off on the wrong foot, she managed to realize her mistake early and make some changes. As such, she still stood a chance.

That was indeed the case because the polite Timothy didn’t turn her apology down. When Alanna saw the man drinking his wine, the smile on her face turned brighter.

Nonetheless, before she could say anything, the man uttered dispassionately, “Since you’ve apologized, can you go away now?”

The smile on Alanna’s face froze when she heard that. Naturally, she wasn’t willing to leave just like that. Even if she had to go away, she had to get the man’s contact number first.

“Mr. Reinhart, I truly admire you. Can you give me your contact number?”

When Kieran saw that the woman had transformed into an entirely different person right before his eyes, he knew what she had been up to. As such, a hint of disdain flashed across his eyes.

“Not anyone can get my friend’s contact number, and you certainly don’t have the right to get it.”

With that, he took Timothy’s arm and left the counter as they shuffled toward a table. As Alanna watched them leave, she wanted to run after them. However, the instant she made a move, she saw Kieran turning his head and sending her a warning with his gaze.

Horrified by the gaze, she became rooted to the spot. On the other hand, Sabrina didn’t see any of that because she had left the lobby early and headed to the washroom.

She repeatedly splashed cold water on her face to calm herself down.

However, she realized she couldn’t cool off at all as the image of Alanna placing her hand on Timothy’s shoulder kept springing back into her mind.

“Why didn’t you turn her down? Do you like women like Alanna?”

She bit her lip as her heart was riddled with dejectedness and uneasiness.

A moment later, she pulled herself together and returned to her friends’ side. Despite that, her friends still discovered that something was off about her. One of them asked caringly, “Are you feeling unwell, Sabrina? You look pale.”

After a moment of silence, Sabrina admitted, saying, “I’m indeed a little under the weather.”

Hearing that, her friends promptly urged her to go home. “You should’ve told us earlier. Forget it. You don’t have to keep us company. Go home and get some rest.”

Just as Sabrina was ready to say something, a concerned voice was heard asking, “Are you feeling unwell, Sabrina? Let me send you home.”

The one who spoke was a tall and thin man with a handsome face. Nonetheless, his facial features made him look somewhat childish. After he finished speaking, he eagerly picked up Sabrina’s bag from the couch.

When Sabrina saw that, she didn’t have the nerve to turn him down in front of so many people. As such, she nodded and left with him. Much to her surprise, she soon bumped into Timothy and Kieran, who were ready to leave as well.

Timothy was startled for a moment. Then, he turned to look at the man beside Sabrina with a frown. “Why are you here at this hour? Is he your friend?”

“It’s not working hours. I suppose I have the freedom to be wherever I want, Mr. Reinhart.”

Sabrina pursed her lips and looked impassively at Timothy. When she saw Timothy, she couldn’t help recalling the man making out with Alanna.

Although Timothy could be sluggish sometimes, he realized that Sabrina was displeased with him. He was baffled, as he didn’t know the reason behind it..

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