Always Been Yours Chapter 1326

After all, Kieran had been representing the Sawyer Group to attend different events, and he had been featured on many media platforms. As such, he was a household name in the city.

As for Timothy, he became a famous figure in the upper-class society in Southend one year ago. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Mr. Sawyer. I suppose this is the famous Mr. Reinhart from the Reinhart Enterprise.”

A wealthy young man came over with a wine glass and greeted them. Kieran and Timothy responded to him politely.

Many beautiful ladies in revealing clothes also came over to hit on them. In their eyes, Kieran and Timothy were undoubtedly the best husband material.

Kieran needed no introduction, for he was from the Sawyer Family. Just by looking at Timothy’s achievements, one would know the benefits of becoming the Sawyer Family’s relatives through marriage.

With that said, many ladies were aware of their limits. They knew it wasn’t likely that they could marry a Sawyer. Nonetheless, they could try hitting on a Reinhart man.

The Reinharts and the Sawyers were relatives. Given how much Nicholas doted on his wife, there was no doubt Timothy would achieve great success in the future.

“Why don’t we drink together, Mr. Sawyer and Mr. Reinhart?”

“No, thanks.” Timothy and Kieran directly turned down the women’s invitations.

They knew that these women had an ulterior motive. Once they allowed these women to get closer, it would be hard to get rid of them.

Despite that, many socialites still tried to strike up a conversation with them. Coincidentally, Sabrina was also in this bar. It was her friend’s birthday, so many of them had gathered together in this place.

All of a sudden, Sabrina heard someone mentioning Timothy, ‘I heard that Mr. Sawyer from the Sawyer Family and Mr. Reinhart from the Reinhart. Enterprise are here.”

“I heard about it a while ago, and I saw several people going over to greet them.”

“The ladies in the bar are unable to sit still when they see those men. All of them rushed over to hit on them as though they’d never seen a bunch of men before.”

Sabrina was surprised to learn about Timothy’s presence, and she was deluged with a sense of discomfort. She was fully aware of what the women were like in this bar. As such, she decided to look for him.

Finally, she found Timothy at the counter in the center of the bar, but her expression soon darkened. That was because she saw an alluring woman shuffling toward Timothy and placing her hand. on the man’s shoulder.

As she stood there watching them, it felt as though they were making out. An agitated Sabrina tightened her grip on the wine glass. Furthermore, she recognized the woman beside Timothy.

“When did Alanna get to know Timothy?” She frowned in doubt, feeling as though something was stuck in her chest..

Alanna Boyd was a young lady from the Boyd Family. Since both families were archrivals, they held grudges against each other as well.

It could be said that wherever Alanna was, one wouldn’t find Sabrina there. Moreover, the personal grudges between them were a long.

story. Meanwhile, Timothy was surprised to see this

woman acting so daringly.

“Hello, Mr. Reinhart. My name is Alanna Boyd, and I’ve been admiring you for quite a while. I hope I’ll get to spend an entire night with you. We can talk about anything and everything.”

She stuck close to Timothy and whispered to him when she said those flirtatious words. Since they were so close to each other, Timothy caught a whiff of her pungent fragrance. Repulsion was written all over his face as he furrowed his brows.

The next instant, he pushed the woman’s hand away from his shoulder and demanded, ‘Please behave yourself, miss. I do not know you.” Alanna didn’t expect Timothy to turn her down like this, so she stood there in embarrassment.

The snickers around her made her feel furious and ashamed. Nonetheless, she couldn’t bring herself to get mad at Timothy, for it was hard to find a man with self-restraint these days.

As such, she realized she grew even fonder of Timothy.

Although the man had some flaws, his good looks and the success he had achieved since founding a company were qualities that the ladies looked for in a man.

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